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  • Published March 13, 2010
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To give a stunning look to your wedding, you ought to have aesthetic eyes that can seek the most possible and easy ways to decorate your precious party. Give some vent to confusion and that would release some new better ideas after decoration. Decorating the church where you are getting wed, the reception hall, bride decoration, are musts for the special occasion. Apart from this, wedding table centerpieces would be a great idea to give an added elegance to the ornamentation of your wedding ceremony. The fact cannot be denied that wedding table centerpieces often go exclusive according to the bride’s bouquet, especially when bride tries to outshine guests by choosing ever more extravagance.

People, who love floral decorations, use exquisite centerpieces with flowers to show off their design talents and sometimes unveiling the models of latest accessories, display methods. This can be enough to cast a hole in your pocket. But alternative ideas can also be presented for stunning table centerpieces. You can cut the prices low by making use of fresh herbs. These herbs and leaf shapes though are not sure to give the same fragrances like a flower, yet, a simple and sophisticated mingle of it into a vase or glass can be charming. You can also use reflective glasses with pinecones surrounded by rose petals for a low cost table ornamentation. You can engage flamboyant lanterns with a simple tea-light inside, which would make lovely display creating the environment for romantic evening reception. Candlelight also can be used as the essence of the romantic environment. If these are not enough, then you can use feathers with candles in place of costly fresh flowers and you can also use it after the wedding. Yet there is another option for you if you are not satisfied with the alternatives and still crave for flowers. You can buy some eye-catching artificial flowers, which are not only cheaper but also liable for a second use around the home afterwards.

To show off your romance even far, you can use monograms as wedding table centerpiece. In classical period, the name of a person was given utmost importance as an essence the thing with which the person is linked. And for a newly wed couple, nothing is personal than the last name they now share to imprint the maximum possible impression. There are so many ideas on the monogram decoration depending on the theme that they choose for the day. The monogram wedding table centerpieces made of wire can be wrapped with flowers of greenery and the bouquet flowers. Bowls in shape of the monogram can also be available. You can fill the bowls with water and let candles or buds to float on them. The options of arranging edible centerpieces made of chocolate and place some monogrammed napkins, small gift boxes or some party favors are also there. It is not important how style and elegance you add to the monograms but the important fact is that how you can use simple wedding table centerpieces in such an excellent order to show off the romance of this ultimate commitment.

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