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  • Author Glenn Armstrong
  • Published March 24, 2010
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A lot of individuals aren’t very familiar with what delayed gratification is. Delayed gratification is when you delay the purchase of an item or anything of value for a later period. The reason as to why people do this is because that money can be used as an investment and can therefore multiply faster and more efficiently than just spending it. Whenever people buy something, their money immediately goes to someone or somewhere. As a result of this, their net worth is diminished. This is one of the primary principles of property investing. People have to realize that they need to do a lot of sacrifice before they earn a lot of money. Sadly, though, a lot of people are impatient for these matters. What ends up happening is that they immediately get into an investment without any prior knowledge or background about the matter and just lose their money in the end. The truth is, property investing is one of the fastest and smartest way to up your net worth. People just don’t realize the efficiency and potential of this business model.

To begin, let’s first explain what property investing is and see how the business model works. Property investing is when you purchase a piece of property for the sake of investing it in a latter period for higher returns. When an investor buys a property, he or she can either have it leased or refurbish the property and sell it for a higher profit later on. The two techniques have their own pros and cons and it really depends on what you like to deal with. Flipping properties is definitely faster but leasing properties is a more stable investment for your money. You see, most people don’t realize the fact that investing in properties has such a huge potential. Just think about it, more and more people need homes. Yes, there are a lot of homes being made, but there aren’t a lot of good homes being created.

If you are a beginner in property investing, it would be wise to get yourself involved first in some kind of education. You can either enter an educational course where you will learn about the basics and you will get to meet other interested individuals or you can either get a mentor to show you how the business operates in real time. Either of the two will work out just fine for you. In the end, this small investment will yield an even greater amount.

It’s important to take part in this because it is awfully difficult to learn property investing without a mentor or a formal education. To know more visit

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