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  • Published March 25, 2010
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A house is the place where a person spends his entire life enjoying, laughing, crying, dancing and merrymaking. It is the place which stores his memories of moments spent with family and friends. It is said, a house is a mirror of thoughts, culture, background that a family has and the oneness and integrity it withholds in itself. The apartment one is living in should fulfill all his needs and essentials. It should act as a peace of source of contentment in the person, as it is usually said, home is the place where one can feel his original self and can relax to the most.

Like the person’s living in the house define the spirit of the house, same ways a house should have all the qualities to provide a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure to his residents. Following are the factors; one should keep in mind while buying an apartment:

 Space

A house is a place to relax, so the space required for the apartment should be calculated according to the number of family members. Every inch of extra space would cost money, so the utilization of the money should be a wise decision.

 Property rate

A proper survey should be done about the current property rates as in what are the standards of the market and the future predictions for the real state market. A budget should be set for the required property type according to the market standards, as each property dealer has his own set rates and one needs to bargain and bring him down to his standard rates.

 Survey

Survey should not only be done in terms of property rates, but also about the future of the respective property in the real estate market. Factors like being one of the most posh colonies in the city situated in the metros, neighboring the most happening places of the city, also helps in deciding the cost of the property. So these should be traced keeping the present and future developments in mind.

 Distance from work

The distance from home to workplace, is an important factor to be considered while buying apartment. This is because of the fact if the office will be far from one’s home, then he will have to bare the cost of traveling, which would up in brining him in state of loosing money for extra expenses. If the distance from home to office is less then one can save the amount of money to be spent in travel.

 Area or location

The area or the locality, in which the apartment is bought, plays an important role in defining the family background of the person. The place of living showcases the standards a person can afford, it helps in structuring his social circle accordingly.

 Facilities around the house

The facilities in or around the society helps in formulating the lifestyle of the individual, healthcare societies , entertainment programs, sports activities, cultural festivals are the services which attracts a person for living in a particular apartment and the area in which it is situated. So, one should look out for such options to make his life worth living and to add an element of entertainment in their lives.

 A park for walk and for children

Health is an important asset for leading a happy life. So, places like parks or greenery around the society adds an aspect of freshness in the lives of human beings. While looking for a house, one should keep in mind the importance of space available for their children to play and where they could go for morning walks to add a pinch of brightness in their daily routine.

 Nearest market

Market or shopping malls near to one’s house, provides him with the easiness of shopping whether its for small or big purpose, the time and the cost involved in traveling gets reduced leading to a better and fast life.

 Security facilities

With the introduction of new technologies each day, the safety of human being is getting questionable. Though no one is sure of when, how and where, what will happen, but security measures are to be taken as much as possible. So, in case of choosing a house one should check the area and the locality from the security point of view, the guards and the boundaries of the society should be minutely verified.

 Neighbors or the impression the society is holding

The society is formed with the people living in, so before taking the decision of purchasing the house, one should enquire about the background of the residents, and that there is no bad name attached with the society.

Keeping these points in mind, one should go for a peaceful, calm, beautiful and modern house reflecting the persona of the people residing in it.

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