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  • Published May 22, 2007
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You may desire to build up a new driveway or might desire to upgrade the existing one, you could check out the options that are available for driveway materials.

The materials you use when building a driveway influence its cost, constancy and visual appeal. From functional concrete or asphalt to outstanding paving, environmental grass pavers to simple gravel, there’s a driveway material, which is apt to every site and situation. Following are the well-liked options plus tips on resurfacing and sealing.

Brick paving

A driveway paved with fresh or used bricks is strong and more attractive. Particularly right for driveways are herringbone designs, frequently bordered by header courses in various tones. Herringbone sloping towards at 45 degrees to the house turns the driveway into the trait (at 90 degrees, it’s more modest). Combine herringbone with rings of irregular header and stretcher courses to outline remarkable radial designs apt for semi-circular driveways. On the downside materials and labor may also be expensive.

Concrete pavers

Square or rectangular pavers in stone or concrete will make beautiful, tough driveways, compatible to driveways that are twice as entertaining areas. Pavers come in assorted stones, forms, shades and as well the other sizes, enabling a big mixture of looks. Fill gaps between pavers with sand, fine pine bark or gravel. Stone driveways can be of high maintenance (for defense, softer stone pavers need top-grade sealer, regularly re-applied) and costly.


This hardwearing mixture of tar, gravel and concrete is rewarding and has low-maintenance, and also need minimal cleaning. Easily laid by outworkers, it’s built for last. Asphalt’s vivid blue/black hue could as well put in great bang and set off strong modernist facades. Understand that asphalt could then be dangerous by cracking as it’s oil-based and hence more supple than concrete. It as well soaks up the heat in summer.


Eco-friendly, marketable and strong, timber driveways merge amazingly well with bush garden surrounds. Generally, treated mope joists and floorboards are laid on or over dense sub-grade or sub-base. The timber lastly weathers to a good-looking silvery hue. Timber driveways can also be clever solution to uneven sites as boards could be laid over deep dips. Timber requires common treating and fastens and planks may lastly require replacing.

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