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  • Author Alex Pupkin
  • Published April 3, 2010
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Technology is moving at an amazingly rapid clip and nowhere is this more obvious than in the number of websites that have literally popped up like weeds, in the last decade. While having a website is an absolute "must" for anyone considering an Internet business, unfortunately, not everyone is willing to pay the money needed to commission a professional web design development team.

This is partly due to the fact that many people believe they can do both the programming (code) and the designing of their websites – if they can’t, then certainly their cousin, friend or co-worker, who has dabbled in website creation will do the trick.

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking will get you in trouble and will certainly not generate website traffic numbers you were hoping to achieve! The fact is if you want to have a successful business, you have to have a professionally done website which means hiring fully qualified web design teams, who are knowledgeable about both programming and site design. You should be looking for someone who has had several years of experience and has a solid portfolio to back up that experience.

You may want to consider browsing the Internet to find your web development company. By simply clicking a few keystrokes and entering key words such as "Vancouver Web Design" you will find what you are looking for. Fortunately, web design development is a growing trend in the Vancouver area and this has turned out to be "the" places to do some one stop shopping.

If you are uncertain about the qualifications of your web design team, there are some significant "errors" that are commonly made by amateurs in the field, according to some of Vancouver’s best web design professionals and these include:

  1. Not spending enough time considering the "look" of the website. This includes the choice of colors and fonts. Considering the use of topography, as opposed to just plain fonts is a definite must in many cases.

  2. Loading the site with too much information – which makes it almost impossible to grab the user’s attention immediately.

  3. Being too detailed about everything. Keep it short and to the point.

  4. Building a site with programming (code) errors or that simply has that "homemade" look.

  5. Loading the site with too much information, including Flash loading – which slows down the site and makes loading a long and drawn out affair.

  6. Adding to many "extras" such as music – unless it is absolutely necessary, stay away form the gimmicks.

  7. Making it a requirement to "register" to have a access to the site.

  8. Making the site difficult to search.

  9. Not including a FAQ section and/or a help and/or contact us section.

  10. Not adding a "search" button to help locate information within the site.

Why leave the building of your website to anyone other than a professional? Consider contacting a professional Vancouver web design firm in the Vancouver area – they will make sure your website is designed to your satisfaction.

Alex Pupkin

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