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  • Author Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr.
  • Published April 8, 2010
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With the real estate boom of several years ago behind us, many Americans are facing losing their homes, and that seller's market that had home prices soaring and people scrambling to buy has made a downturn. Home foreclosures are on the rise every day, and, in fact, some real estate professionals and economists are calling today's real estate market conditions a home foreclosure boom.

Homeowners who are facing home foreclosures are likely devastated to realize that what they thought was a great investment has turned sour. There are even some who are simply walking away from the houses - and mortgage payments - that they fought so hard to get just a few short years ago. Faced with an uncertain economy, unemployment, skyrocketing costs of living, and an iffy-at-best real estate market, lots of other folks who would otherwise be unlikely to shy away from purchasing a home are afraid to buy real estate.

Whether you are a homeowner faced with a possible foreclosure, an investor considering the possibility of buying property while the buyer's market is upon us, or a "regular Joe" who needs a place to live, it is possible to evaluate your circumstances and goals, take a look at the real estate market trends, and make the best decision for your personal needs.

If you are a homeowner and can afford your monthly mortgage payments, this would probably be a good time to hold onto your house. If your situation has changed little, you still have the same (or better) income that you had when you purchased your home, this is not the time to sell unless you absolutely must for some personal reason.

If you are a real estate investor, home foreclosures can offer a giant opportunity for you to buy low and sell high. The basic premise - very basic, I will admit - behind any investment is to start with as low an investment as possible and sell for a profit. Home foreclosures offer just such an opportunity. With the numbers of home foreclosures that are occurring, you may consider purchasing real estate as a long-term investment.

Do not, however, expect to be like the folks on television who buy, make a bunch of cosmetic repairs, and sell for amazing net profit all in a thirty-minute program. If you are going to invest in real estate - through home foreclosures or otherwise - you must be prepared to hold onto the property until selling conditions are more favorable.

If you are a regular old American adult who is tired of paying the landlord every month, you too may be able to benefit from the buyer's market and/or home foreclosures in your area. If your income is reasonably steady, reasonably safe, and reasonably high enough, there is no need to avoid real estate like the plague.

In fact, with conditions being what they are, as long as you are likely to be able to afford your mortgage payments, this would be a very logical time to kiss the landlord goodbye. If you do decide to look into home foreclosures as a potential source of housing, be sure to consult an experienced and qualified professional to assist you, as there are some nuances to consider when purchasing foreclosed-upon property.

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