Tips On Shopping For Bamboo Or Grass Window Shades


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  • Published May 11, 2007
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Bamboo or grass window shades, like bamboo flooring, have grown in popularity in recent years and given the many benefits associated with them, it's not surprising.

Bamboo shades are a little like Clint Eastwood was in his younger days; tough, durable and they've got the look! Even better, they are an affordable alternative to more expensive traditional blinds and offer the versatility of being suitable for indoor or outdoor purposes.

Bamboo Roman Shades

These are a top mounted roll up shade. In fact, they can present both a modern or earthy look to a home and are available in many different patterns. When raised, roman shades fold up in a graceful style making them attractive even when they are not "in full sail." For cleaning purposes, running over them with a vacuum will usually do however, there is also scope to light clean with a sponge.

Bamboo Shades Fact

While exterior bamboo shades are becoming more and more popular because of their weather resistance, other components which go into making up the shade structure may not be so resistant to the elements. Parts such as pulleys and chords may be prone to deteriorate quickly if exposed to harsh conditions for long periods of time.

Shopping For Bamboo Or Grass Window Shades

The internet has opened up the opportunity to shop online in many areas of business and window shades are no different. Particularly bamboo given it's easy to handle and light nature which makes shipping a cost effective process.

There are some important points to remember when shopping for bamboo shades. Color can be tricky because of the nature and texture of the product. What you see on your computer screen may vary a lot from seeing the actual product live. Many manufacturers advise customers to order samples first before making any major decision.

You are also not limited to what is being advertised. Manufacturers can make to order or simply, if you know what you what but can't find it, then describe what you are trying to achieve and you'll be guided into choosing the appropriate style and color.

Raising Your Bamboo Or Grass Window Shades

People are often concerned about the raising of blinds and this is understandable given they can be a little messy. With bamboo shades however, raising comes in a variety of methods. Roman bamboo shades are raised in a fold up style every 6-8 inches.

Roll up was the most common method. It was simple, effective and there was usually little margin for error for messing it up. However, safety issues were raised regarding the looping of the chords and you'll need to check with the manufacturer on the availability of roll up blinds.

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