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  • Published April 23, 2010
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Fellow Offline Marketers,

Most of you know me as the offline postcard guy. But what you don’t know is that – thanks to an awesome education in search engine optimization – I’m also a local SEO guy here in Lubbock, Texas.

If any of you are like I was, some of this SEO stuff is totally above your head. I was so apathetic about it all that I was outsourcing all my clients SEO work. But once I found the key to understanding search engine optimization, everything clicked into place. Now I’m all about the local search, because I now KNOW just how profitable it can be…

Not only for my clients, but for my own wallet as well!

For those of you who are looking for a way to pull in some serious money from your offline prospecting, local search engine marketing is definitely the way to go. Which is why I’ve created this video tutorial series to show you EXACTLY how you can start helping your clients DOMINATE the local search engines!



In this video training series, I cover everything you need to know about dominating you local listings:

  • How to discover who is searching for any business? – Figure out who is searching for what in your local area and how you can get your competitors to give you all the keywords and information you need to succeed.

  • How many keywords are enough? - Included is a simple Keyword tracking spreadsheet that not only keeps track of your keywords, but Competing Businesses As well.

  • Three things EVERY website must have to rank high with SEO – If you don’t take just a few minutes to put these three things on your clients websites, they’ll be dead in the water!

  • 4 Websites You Have To Use - I show you in real time how to get all 20 search engine’s crawling all over your website within 48 hours of hitting the submit button. Best of all it’s totally Free!

  • Dominate Google Local – This is killer… you’re going to watch – IN REAL TIME – how to get any business a high ranking on Google Local and other local services. Follow these simple steps (which take about 12 minutes) and you can’t help but be listed Number 1!

I’ve Also included 5 Huge Free Bonus Gifts:

Killer Bonus:

SEO Straight Up

Remember the guide I told you about which gave me the KEY to SEO?

This is the only SEO book I have every understood and recommend. Without this book I would have wasted thousands of dollars on outsourcing SEO work. Seriously, if a guy from Texas can understand it – you will too. Jes normally charges $47 for this book; but has offered to let me give it to you as a bonus – absolutely free!

Killer Bonus: MP3 Recordings

Not only can you watch this 5 part training program whenever you want but you can download the mp3’s and listen on your way to meet with a client or going to work.

Killer Bonus: SEO Mind Map & PDF

This is the exact mind map I use to teach my offline mentoring students and outsource workers. Guys who can’t speak English can follow along with this, so there’s no doubt in my mind that YOU will have no problems. It is a great resource guide and fits on a single page so you can print it out and refer to it over and over again.

Killer Bonus: Keyword Tracking Spreadsheet

A simple to understand and use Local SEO spreadsheet is yours to use. I have one for every offline client that I can look at a moments notice. This thing will save you hours and time and your brain the impossible task of trying to remember it all.

Fast Action Bonus: Video Transcripts

Hot off the presses are the transcripts of the videos. Want all the information but don’t have time to watch the videos – no problem. Read the transcripts at your own pace and time. These are ONLY for Warriors and only until the 14th.

How much?

I could Charge At Least $97 But…

It’s Yours for ONLY $37

I’m certainly not going to promise you that you’ll make a million bucks tomorrow with this. But the truth is you can sell local SEO services to any offline business for a rock bottom price of $150 and make 5 times your investment back with your very first customer.

I could charge more, yes — and after February 14th I will — but since you are a warrior you get pre-launch pricing. This will be going up after the 14th so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You get the 5 part video training on SEO, a bonus mp3 of the training, and the PDF mind map.

Not to mention the BEST SEO book I have ever read, which normally costs $47, for free.

Let me close with this

What about me?

I'm nobody,just a guy who likes writing articles,

who hope to share some ideas with you,my dear friends.

That's me who is growing with and

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