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  • Published April 29, 2010
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There is great importance of finding out who owns a house especially before finalizing any property deal. The reason for that is, sometimes people belonging from a criminal background betray others by selling them fake properties online so you must be aware of that. If you are associated with any real estate company or if you are in the business of buying and selling home then it will be your professional and moral obligation to check and find out who owns a house. Nowadays there is a dearth of quality resources that can be employed to figure out this information so you will have to put some extra efforts.

Now let’s see the possible ways to find out who owns the house. First of all you can visit a nearby county clerk office where information about people and properties is kept and maintained. All you need is to provide them with property address and the reason behind your investigation. With 10-15 business days you will have required information based upon their public records analysis. Sometimes people can’t wait for such a long time so they look for other resources that can assist them in a shorter time period.

Alternatively, people can use certain online means that can be accessed free of cost and provide information rapidly. Social and professional networking websites are commonly used for this purpose.

People can use Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn where sometimes people have mentioned their address in a limited profile view version. It is also possible that the profile is only visible to a particular network of people so in this case you will have to go with another technique. Public records are proved to be the best way of finding out this information as they are not publicly available to everyone.

Certain websites are providing this information on how to check public records to find out who owns the house. It usually takes $20 to $50 for this sort of information which is a reasonable amount and almost everyone can afford this. Once you have found this information then you can mover further and check out any criminal and fraudulent history of the person owning that particular house. It is also important to use reliable resources in order to get 100% accurate results.

Ryan has been writing on making people able to find who owns the house. Learn more about who owns the house and who owns a property.

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