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  • Published April 14, 2010
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There is a huge amount of information on the internet. This means that there are many places users can go to get the items or services they desire. The trick is to get them to come to your own website. Not only that, but you want to inspire repeat website visitors who will come to your site not just once, but hundreds of times.

Encouraging website visitors to return is not an especially hard task. But it does require you to put some thought into the way that you operate your website. You need to make sure that there is a reason for your visitors to come to your site in the first place, and then to keep coming back. One way of doing this is to ensure that you post useful and topical content. By branding yourself as an expert, you'll find that people want to read what you have to say. If you offer useful and helpful advice, your site visitors will keep returning back.

Make a effort of commenting on news items, or of reviewing new products. If your website visitors know that they can come to your site to get useful information about breaking news or products they want, they'll keep coming back to your website. Making a point of commenting on contentious or topical articles or releases is also a good idea. No one wants to read about boring news events. If you pick topics that people tend to get charged up about, and make a regularty of commenting on these, your website visitors will have a good incentive to return.

Another way of encouraging visitors to return to your site is to host competitions or run giveaways. People love getting things for free, after all. If you run regular contests and competitions, you'll find that your website visitors will return time and time again. These competitions don't need to be huge, or break your bank. A little voucher or even a custom graphic can be sufficient as a prize. Of course, some of the bigger websites do run substantial giveaways, and these are a great way to keep large numbers of site visitors returning.

Other useful ways to get your readers coming back to your website include regular outgoing newsletters with links to your new content, and links through your different social media feeds. Providing links means that your readers have to click on the links to access them, meaning that they'll find themselves back at your website. The regular 'reminder' function of newsletters and social media can be a helpful motivator to encourage your website visitors to return.

Encouraging returning traffic to your website isn't a difficult undertaking, but does require some thought on your behalf. Keep in mind what your readers want and enjoy, and you'll find that your visitors will keep coming back.

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