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  • Published April 16, 2010
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Website directories are tremendous databases that categorize and store links to websites in a multitude of niches. Many of these directories have thousands of daily visitors that are looking for new and interesting content on the web. Submitting your site to just one busy directory can have a substantial effect on the traffic of your business.

Submitting websites manually into directories is important since the directory can vary and target audiences as well can be diverse so this where SEO comes into action. If the shot to make a website stand out from the rest is done properly then that website will be more searchable and people will find it with no trouble and as a result more traffic to the website.

One of the best things about a manual directory submission service is that they can ensure a consistent flow of submissions over a number of weeks and months. This is a highly effective way to get your backlinks out there. The directory submissions service also needs to make sure that the submissions were successful and they need to submit your URL to the highest ranking directories. This way, your valuable cash won't be wasted.

Even the most intelligent person will not be able to give you the list of the websites that he or she has visited because there are innumerable websites on internet and they are not sure which one they visited. Directory submissions provide the link of your website on different websites and therefore most of the users who are looking for your website will go to any of the popular directory and just type in few words and they will get your website link.

Newsworthiness of the content: Ensure that the content of the press release is newsworthy. Not everything becomes news so wait for adequate substance to issue news. Never write a press release to sell products or services. Writing a promotion article as a press release is never acceptable. A press release should answer all Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why). Grabbing the attention of the readers should be the prime objective so make it enjoyable reading.

Let's have a look on the method of submitting your website to the directory. The main factor of the search engine ranking is the quantity of the hyperlinks. Google also take care of the quality of the links so, if you add quality with the quantity of the hyperlinks, then you will be able to beat the competition. Before starting the operation of directory submission, make a good search of high quality directories.

No one can memorize all the websites he wants to browse or which he had browsed sometime back. So at some point of time or other, he has to look at the directory to search for a topic or service provider, etc. This is the blatant truth. The user looks at the directory because the directory will provide the list of sites so that the person can choose the appropriate one. It is more or less a ready reckoner. So the directory plays a ‘direct role’ in increasing the SEO.

Many human-edited directories, including the Open Directory Project and World Wide Web Virtual Library, are edited by volunteers, who are often experts in particular categories. These directories are sometimes criticized due to long delays in approving submissions, or for rigid organizational structures and disputes among volunteer editors.

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