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  • Published April 16, 2010
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Every affiliate or internet marketer desires that his / her site brings about enhanced web traffic. In this context, the pay per click program comes into being or free traffic can be obtained via alternative sources.

Routing traffic to your site depends on its popularity and quality, i.e. how many sites are in turn linking to your website. That means what is required here is high page rank. But, this again takes a long time. This can be achieved faster by SEO optimization software and that’s where the BruteForceSEO alternative bridged the gap.

BruteForceSEO SEO optimization program

BruteForceSEO entered the affiliate market in the year 2008 and made some sort of a revolution by enhancing automation of several processes to achieve high rankings. The software automatically creates user ids, passwords & email accounts. These automated links are picked by search engines such as Yahoo, Google etc.

The BruteForceSEO alternative generates a software code that links several highly ranked sites per month, say around thirty. Secondly, automated captchas replicate the human element amazingly well and are picked by search engines automatically. RSS feeds and submissions are also accounted for; even video submissions are handled by BruteForceSEO. The product is stable and has been test proven.

SEnuke SEO software code and process

Despite the pros of BruteForceSEO alternatives as mentioned above, the SEnuke SEO software stands out as another major Software optimization program code; and even surpasses BruteForceSEO optimization techniques and strategies.

The most effective advantage of SEnuke software is lightning fast processes that are carried out in an extra ordinary manner. All you need to do is just enter your article into the SEnuke software backed up with your anchor text and the back link.

The SEnuke software would automatically create an account on web, article directories, video sharing sites, reviews etc. Besides this there is no threat of captcha because while creating these folders the SEnuke script automatically identifies the captcha and transfers it to an appropriate location.

Another feature of the SEnuke SEO software is that after creating all these properties and articles, it provides you with a window popping out with URL’s of all these articles and web pages that were created just now. Then just copy pasting these URL’s into the SEnuke software would automatically bookmark these URL’s sites. Next, The RSS will automatically post your entire feed URL; over this the RSS also provides a joiner that enables joining all the RSS feed combined into one URL. This is not the end; after this the SEnuke will automatically ping the entire URL through ten different pinning services.

The SEnuke also provides an automatic email verification which automatically verifies and confirms all your emails sent to you through all these sites and URL’s. It also automatically creates an account for you in any of the social sites.

This SEO tool has made software processes really easier, faster and to be socially recognized and is a boon to affiliate marketers. From the above it may be derived that SEnuke SEO software has a leading edge over the BruteForceSEO alternative!

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