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  • Author Jason Hall
  • Published April 22, 2010
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So you’re looking into the process of purchasing real estate in Arizona. You’ve thought through all of your options for rental or purchase in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Chandler but still don’t quite have the confidence that you’re ready to buy. Ask yourself right now if you have heard yourself say or think any of these statements.

‘My credit just isn’t where I want it to be..’

‘I just don’t have the money right now..’

‘I’m waiting for the market to go down further..’

‘Mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, interest, fixing-up, yard work, honey-do’s oh my!’

If you have heard any of these statements come from your brain or mouth, then perhaps you’ve been thinking a little biased. For every negative argument in buying a home there is also an opposite perspective. There is much to be justified when looking into purchasing your own home.

If you’re thinking that you should rent because your credit isn’t where you want it to be, there are certain ways around it. If the lender that the builder prefers you to use isn’t giving you a fair assessment of a monthly mortgage and interest rate, perhaps you could look into getting financing through your bank or credit union. Also, purchasing a home and making consistent mortgage payments will help to stabilize and build your credit score.

If you’re thinking that you just don’t have the money right now, another home owner advantage in Arizona is that many financing companies are willing to finance your home with nothing down. Some Chandler Real Estate is going for as low as 10’s of thousands for foreclosures. With financing available with some lenders of up to 30 years with a fixed rate, it’s a very likely possibility to find a home that you can afford in this market.

The market! Unless you’re a real estate prophet, there is no way of being able to EXACTLY know when the prices will drop and when they will rise. The fact of the matter is that prices for homes right now are very low. It is a possibility that they could go lower, but most economists are know that 2009 was a spiraling year for the market and predict that 2010 will be a rebuilding year and 2011 will be prosperous again. Like any investment, you’re going to have to accept the nature of a gamble in purchasing a home. If you have the funds, consider using them for repairs and remodels for a positive ROI on your home purchase.

Let’s not forget about the unforeseen bills and responsibilities of actually owning a home. If you were to rent a home, then you might be able to skip out on a lot of these bills. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of home ownership. Before you purchase your home, do your research on the construction of the house, the builders, and your rights and warranty in the contract of purchase. There are many opportunities for you to save money on work that was guaranteed by builders, contractors, HOA’s and other contributing parties of the house. To make sure all of these paid requirements of home ownership are within reach for you, conduct your own research of the house you’re looking at and find out if the numbers you’ve compiled are accurate and in the measures of your budget.

Lets not kid ourselves, there are some responsibilities that come with home ownership, but the benefits of owning a home outweigh any benefits there are to renting a home or apartment.

Jason Hall is an accredited Phoenix Real Estate Agent in the East Valley. Jason has access to new homes in Queen Creek, Gilbert and Chandler. He also has expertise in short sale negotiation, helping you get the most out of your short sale.

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