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  • Published April 19, 2010
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The main purpose of this article is a SEnuke Review. If you are employed in the website business, chances are that you have heard of SEnuke. If you are talking of incredibly effective search engine optimization (SEO), then you are talking of SEnuke.

There are a variety of tasks that SEnuke can perform. This includes automated procedures for video submission, article submission to sites such as Ezine, social bookmarking sites, RSS aggregation, creation of Web 2.0 sites and Wordpress Blogs. There are some other functions also which SEnuke performs.


Automated Account Creation

While talking of SEnuke Review it will be wrong to say that this site does not help in account creation. In fact, it automates the creation of accounts with each of these sites. This prevents from wastage of time due to the separate creation of accounts in each of these different sites. Also you don’t have to wait for along time for your bot to be worked so that you can use the sites’ services.

Article Spinning Feature

This is one of the best features of SEnuke and it deserves to be mentioned in SEnuke Reviews. There is a bot and you import or type an article inside it. Then when you have to submit the article in different articles, all you have to do it is select some words and phrases.

Then you can retype the same part in three or four different variations which helps to create the same article in three or four variations. Thus you do not have the fear of being caught of supplying duplicated materials. This saves time and energy. You have to specify the keyword phrases and the articles will be the same only differently written!

Regularly updated

The support system is great and the SEnuke Affiliate is updated regularly so as to provide maximum optimization of your money.


SEnuke Review should also mention that the program seems kind of buggy at times. This can be a bit irritating. The program is also expensive. You have to spend around $97 every month to get hold of all the services. There is a lesser version for a little less. The $97 is the premium text which is a value for money only if you use it regularly.

Otherwise there is no point. So if money is a major consideration for you, it is better not to opt for this SEO. But if you want the best and are able to risk a bit for the services it provides, you should definitely opt for this affiliate.

Another disadvantage which the SEnuke has is that it takes a bit of time to learn. Now that is not to say it is not user friendly. But you have to spend a bit of time to learn about the different functions it performs and how it does so.

Overall, if you are looking for something excellent of quality, then you should opt for SEnuke. Hope you were benefited from this SEnuke Review.

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