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  • Published April 24, 2010
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Designing a logo is both an art and a science. However, in order to be a good designer you must master, certain elements, described further below. Unfortunately, nowadays anyone can whip up Photoshop, type some text, add an effect or two and claim to have designed a logo. It's deeper than that. Many skills need to be mastered first, before even attempting. The master rule here is, don't use Photoshop.

A logo designs should not be "dated" and should always have a fresh and contemporary look. Also while deciding on the logo you should consider where and how you are going to use it. Depending on the various mediums on which you are going to put the logo, the color and nature of the logo should be chosen. Also, a logo design can have a long term cost impact, for example having a four color logo can cost very high when you need to print it on your business cards and corporate stationary.

You've probably heard this before, but it's worth repeating: you should include your logo on every piece of communication. Put it on every web page of your site, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, yellow page ads, building signage, newsletters, web buttons, promotional collateral, and certainly every ad. Familiarity begets trust and trust will lead to increased sales.

A very important attribute of good logo design is to be versatile. To accomplish this look back to our first essential element of studio logo design, simplicity. If the logo image is complicated it may be fine using it in larger formats like billboards or a web site. But when scaled down for coffee cups or pens the text will become illegible. Keep in mind the logo image will be used in all the company marketing material.

Visual processing is the most important way for gathering information for all human beings. A good design or graphics work is remembered for ages and that is what drives the multinational companies to spend millions of dollars on developing their logo and other branding material. They would go to any extent to create a solid visual impact and leave a permanent impression on their customer's mind.

For visually sensitive clients logo samples are the quickest way to tell the difference between the good and the bad. Unfortunately world-wide-web provides way too many opportunities to enhance logo portfolios with over-promising samples and attractive clip-art templates that for an untrained eye may appear as honest logos.

A simple logo is much more memorable than a complex one. Think of some of the world's most known brands like Coca-Cola, FedEx or McDonalds. The logos are simple and clean. Too many graphics can make a logo look cluttered. A common mistake that businesses make is feeling like they need to have a picture of their product as part of the logo. There is no sign of a fizzy drink, package or hamburger in any of the aforementioned logos.

Creating a website and getting leads from it will take a little of your time, but once your business is rolling, your online profits will certainly make it worth it. Develop a nice looking and functional website and make sure to optimize it so that different relevant keywords, such as online graphic design services, or logo design rank high in the search engines. You can also turn your online graphic design web site into a genuine online business and create a brand image you can also use on business cards, letterheads or t-shirts.

Create a good looking website. The online graphic design web site's functionality is vital, but so is the way it is displayed from a visual point of view. Selling online graphic design web services on a dull and poorly built web site is the equivalent of a marketing suicide.

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