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  • Author Shehzad Khan
  • Published April 25, 2010
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ManageMyForum is now aiming to help users get new content for their sites, concentrating especially on users with blank forums. The site also offers blogs posts and articles for Web sites, with an overall goal to improve search-engine rankings and to provide fresh, user-generated content.

"It's all about traffic, guys. Whether you have the best affiliate offer and the best graphics and the most beautiful Web site, it doesn't make the slightest inkling of difference if you don't have any visitors," said Shehzad Khan of ManageMyForum.

"Do you realise how many visitors and free content you are missing out on just by not having a forum or you have an inactive forum?

"Now truthfully ask yourself: Do you have the time to start creating users and writing fresh content for your forums blogs or Web site? Why bother when we can do it for you. Time is money and content is king. As cheesy as these sayings sound, it's downright true. How many Web sites do you have? And how many of them have active forums and blogs? Especially on those high traffic sites, you're missing out on user registrations, e-mail addresses, free content and user comments. The possibilities are endless when it comes to monetising this information," he said.

At ManageMyForum, all editors and writers are professionals and have been in the industry for seven years. ManageMyForum will provide: realistic users, logical threads that make sense and resemble any other natural forum online, flowing blogs posts and not random copied content, articles and rewrites created with SEO and users in mind, keywords, input from customers and SEO content on a particular niche.

If interested, customers simply have to buy a package, provide Web site, blog or forum details and suggest some keywords or let ManageMyForum pick them.

Many users have been pleased with the services.

"I've been gypped a few times by online companies who don't deliver. Always look for a service that communicates well and answers your questions. Good communication is a sign of good commitment," said M. Burton of Manchester.

"You guys offer a really great service. Fast, friendly, and professional. I've recommended you to all of my friends," said Dexter Paille of Durban, South Africa.

"MMF has great customer service. I once gave them a project and wasn't satisfied with the results. They didn't make any excuses; they just went to work again and made sure I was satisfied. Thanks for the attention to detail and making me feel important," said Ramona Marsh-Stevens of Tallahassee, Fla.

"What I like best about you guys is you always deliver on time. Don't ever let that change," said Shane Colandro of Bristol, Conn.

"I hired a "content writer" from Chennai a couple months ago. The bid they gave me was so cheap I thought 'What's the harm in trying?' Instead of two weeks, it took four. I got ridiculous excuses like, 'Sir, Internet was down so I was delayed.' Once I got the articles I requested, they were pure unadulterated garbage. Money, time and effort all down the drain," said one user from England, UK.

If dealing with spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, illogical paragraphs, waiting for weeks for results and checking and rewriting content doesn't sound appealing, let a writer from ManageMyForum help and do all the work.

Shehzad has been a high quality provider of quality SEO Content for years now and has come to master the art. His site now specialise in helping website owners fill in their empty forums.

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