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  • Published April 24, 2010
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Wondering how to improve your search engine ranking? Link building is one of the most efficient ways of improving your online ranking. Linking building not only increases the number of browsers visiting your site but also assists in improving your search engine rankings.

Although we all know that links help us, there are some among us who are not aware of the fact that all links do not produce the same end results. Some may foster your search engine ranking while others may not. Now let us look at various kinds of links and also how to use link building for the benefit of your website.

Links can be broadly categorised as:

Outbound links: Outbound links are those that are present on your site and which in turn are linked to other sites. For instance: a browser looking for specific information visits your site. He may be able to get partial information on your site and further detailed information can be obtained by following a link from your site.

Inbound links: As the name itself denotes, an inbound link is one that is linked to your site from some where outside. For instance your friend who has his own website may link his site to yours in order to gain access to specific information. This is called inbound link.

Link building has in fact made the world a very small place. They allow us to access vast information available over the web. A common question that may arise in our mind is why should we increase the number of links to our site? The answer is quite simple. A link to your website represents its popularity. This is the main reason why search engines consider the number of links on a particular website while ranking it.

We all are aware of the fact that out of all advertising tools, word of mouth is the best and most efficient tool. Link building is similar advertising tool in internet context. In fact some website owners tried to exploit this for their own benefit and started linking unrelated sites with the sole aim of improving their website rankings. The end result was there was no benefit to the browser from such unrelated link building.

However, this was soon noticed by search engines. In fact, linking of unrelated sites made websites lot more messy and web content lost its charisma thus making it more difficult to classify these sites. Nowadays link building has become one of the crucial marketing tools adopted by almost all companies irrespective of their size and scale of operation.

Link building is usually taken up by professional website consultants on behalf of their clients. High quality link building results in increased link popularity for the website. Keeping other benefits aside, linking building makes tracking of search engine activities very simple and easy. Hence we would once again like to reiterate that perfect link building is alone capable of paying huge returns in the long run.

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