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  • Author Sushil Verma
  • Published April 11, 2006
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Times have changed. And with every passing day- lifestyles are becoming more and more time consuming. With the change in lifestyles, one ends up spending most of the time in office, meetings or at the max- commuting! In such a hectic schedule, you manage to steal two days from your work and plan a weekend getaway with your loved ones. But there are important mails you have to answer in the weekend. What do you do? Cancel the trip or cancel the answers? (That’s what you call a catch 22 situation I believe). If you are in a similar situation, worry no more. Because Email SMS is here to take care of all your problems.

Email SMS is the latest and the easiest way to send and receive messages to and from people (it could be an individual or people in group). So if a person wants to send an Email SMS to you, all he or she has to do is type theirnumber@webtext.com in the address bar. And then go ahead with the process of typing and sending the mail. You can send andEmail SMS in a matter of seconds (delivery is guaranteed because webtext.com uses the highest quality delivery sms service- SS7). In a nutshell number plus @webtext.com equal sms address from any authorized email address.

Email SMS can be sent from any authorized email address (like yahoo, outlook express, hotmail etc.). And if the address is not authorized, you can add it via www.webtext.com and authorize it.

There is absolutely no need of any set up, configuration or new software. Registering at webtext.com is all that you need is an authorized email address, which you can access anywhere and everywhere.

Let Webtext.com harnessing the power of sms for your business – sign up for our free 7 day trial at www.webtext.com today.

I am a technical Person and i want to give awareness about messages form PC to mobile.

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