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  • Author Julietta Henderson
  • Published April 25, 2010
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The more travel content you write, the more you realise that no matter what the destination you are describing, the topics that you write about tend to be recycled. It seems that there are a few subjects that not only do you love to write about, but people also love to read about. So here they are; the top topics for travel content.

Chatting About Cuisine

One of the most individual and intriguing aspects of a holiday destination is the local cuisine. Whether it’s the curries of India, the sushi of Japan, the tagines of Morocco, the guinea pigs of Peru, or the fish and chips of England, every country has its traditional, token dish, and though it might be imitated in restaurants all over the world, nowhere does that dish taste better than in the country from which it originated. People have been known to choose their holidays solely on the food that they’ll get to taste while they’re away, so there is a big market for culinary-based travel content. And the best part of writing about food? Well, you’ll have to taste it before you can talk about it.

Weighing Up Walks

Another aspect that is completely unique to each holiday destination is the landscape that you’ll see. From the mountains of Nepal to the glaciers of New Zealand, no two places look the same and it’s important that good travel content can identify the most unique and impressive landmarks of a destination. Many of the readers that are interested in learning about the various landscapes and terrains of a country before visiting are avid walkers. Whether they enjoy gentle rambling, or more strenuous hiking and trekking, it is important that they find out the lay of the land before setting off. As such, there are a huge number of walkers looking for good travel content that lets them weigh up the walks available to them. The only downside is you may have to haul yourself up a hill or two in the name of research.

Meandering the Markets

One of the most popular and cultural things to do when on holiday, is to support local traders by visiting the markets. Morocco has its mazes of souks, Turkey boasts its bazaars, France is full of food markets – each country has its own special type of market which really gives you an insight into the local way of life. People often look to travel content in order to identify the best markets before they even set off on holiday. Whether they are looking for the most unusual souvenirs or the best place to barter, they like to know which markets other people would recommend, and why. Just don’t get too carried away if you decide to research this topic with a shopping trip or two or you’ll end up with an overflowing mantelpiece before you know it.

So, if you’re wondering why you always end up writing the same things on a different destination, don’t despair. There are a few select topics which will always need travel content to be written about them, as they are so individual and unique to every country. It might seem like the same subjects over and over again, but you will rarely write about the same thing twice.

Julietta Henderson is a regular contributor to article directories, and specialises in writing travel content relating to holiday destinations all over the world.

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