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  • Author Todd Daone
  • Published April 25, 2010
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Many webmasters use article marketing as one of their link building campaigns nowadays. With so many great article directories and readers, ignoring the value of this technique will only hurt your own site. Creating an intriguing and well written article is only part of article marketing, without having a well optimized resource box you may be missing out on some of the value of this technique.

In many cases most webmasters or article writers will take a lot of effort and time in creating the actual article, but when it comes to the resource box they may speed through it just to input their keyword and links. Take the time to decide exactly what keywords and URLs you want to use in the resource box. Normally choosing the keyword and link is easy as it should relate to what the article content contains.

When making the format of the resource box the best format should contain your author name and site name. Lastly many webmasters will decide to use 2 links and keywords in their signature but for a more professional look its best to go with your name, site name and then the one keyword that is hyperlinked. Another benefit of going with this format is that you are not splitting the link value with another link, so that one hyperlink will receive 100% of the "link juice".

Another aspect that you should think about is what exactly should I write in the resource box? Well the easiest way to come up with the small amount of content is if you wrote an article on Search engine optimization but then in the resource box you put "John Doe is an established email marketer" obviously that would not be the right approach. So it would be more like "John Doe has been an expert in the Search engine optimization field for 5 years" something along those lines, just keep the author area in line with the content of the article.

The last aspect of the resource box is deciding what would the optimum length? Normally not much thought is put into this as long as you are able to get the credit for your article via the links and author name. But sometimes I see authors that make resource boxes way too long. In my opinion the resource box should be short 2-3 sentences at most and should not be drawn out as a biography of the author and all of their websites. If you were to take this approach more than likely your article would not be accepted in most article directories. Just remember not to use the same author signature over and over for every article, try to make variations of your resource box for every article that you submit.

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