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  • Author Charles & Kim Petty
  • Published April 28, 2010
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The internet is amazing. Since it became a part of our world in the mid-1990s, it has changed the way the world has done business. These days, you don’t need to shop around where you live. You can buy merchandise from India, Australia, Europe or China without ever leaving your home. This allows you to save money because you are buying directly from the suppliers, rather than paying the markup by buying from retailers who buy from the suppliers.

This same principle works with real estate, and a lot of people are making a lot of money buying and selling real estate on the net.

When you don’t use the internet, you are confined to your local area for the homes that you buy. This means that you have only a limited number of opportunities available to you. However, if you use the internet, you can begin to buy homes outside your local area. Think of how many opportunities you have lost out on because you did not know about a great foreclosure home being sold two states over? With the internet, you can look at real estate listings across the country. This allows you to buy and sell real estate from anywhere. With real estate listings online, you can see the homes you may want to buy, put an offer in on them and buy them without ever leaving your home. That presents you with a great opportunity for profit.

As well, you can look at many sites that are selling homes through the owner or through private sales. These homes are generally priced lower because there is no real estate agent commission to pay. In the past you had to look in your local paper for these, now you can look online and see the private sales going on across the country. In addition buying real estate online helps you see those great deals, the ones that have gone through foreclosure or are a part of an estate sale.

When you are selling homes, why would you limit yourself to your local area of buyers when you can greatly increase your potential for profit by selling online? When you sell online, you reach more customers and the more customers you reach, the more customers who will want your property. Now, the more customers that want your property, the more of a demand there will be and that is when the bidding war starts. Selling online makes sense because it is the best way to reach as many customers as you can. There are going to be people out there, including investors, looking for deals across the country and the internet will allow them to reach you.

If you are a real estate wholesaler, a house flipper, an investor, or someone just wanting to sell or buy a home, then the internet is your best friend. It can help you make money and save money, and that is a great combination in the world of real estate.

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