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  • Published May 2, 2010
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It is essential for all to put on sturdy and comfy boots whenever they move out for a walk, or walking,trekking, cycling or for a vacation. Ideal foot wear will not only provide comfort to your exhausted legs and also help you to appear excellent and lovely. They also give you safety to your feet from warmth, water and rugged terrain. You can find various sorts of strong boots attainable in the market from where one can possibly find his or her dream footwear.

Army boots also termed as military boots are generally worn by troops during combat training or at the time of actual warfare. They are also used by the armed force at the time of military ceremonies and also during parades. These shoes are specially built to present superior protection of the feet at solid land, ankle balance, and for better grasp. They made from water resistance and touch leather. In the recent days army boots are worn by common people duringtrekking or camping. By using modern technology army boots are now produced in different designs like the desert boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots and cold weather boots.

Navy boots are exclusively made for military troops which are worn by navy personals. They are top quality leather boots wore during helicopter, aircraft, ship and navy procedures. These are highly waterproof and are best for rainy season. These days navy boots have grown to be a trend statement among the new era of men and women. Ladies commonly wear these shoes teamed with matching apparel. They've became popular because of their style that is definitely extremely stylish and very comfy.

Navy Seal boots are crafted for US Navy SEALs for land and water OTB operations. These boots are particularly crafted for OTB operations and are equally well . suited for different water actions like fishing, hunting and diving. Navy seal boots are made from synthetic stuff that are extremely repellent to water and so are very quick to dry.

Marine Boots are worn by marine combat personals. They help them to swim fast under water. These boots are sturdy battle boots and does not get damaged easily in wet environments. They are low maintenance shoes and may be cleaned easily by plain water and a scrubber. These are made of pure leather and are pretty tough and strong in nature.

Air Force boots are specially developed for air force officers. These are also low maintenance boots made either of leather or suede and so are readily available for both men and women. They generally have a height of 8 inches. They're non metallic boots with nylon and cast raisin laces.

USMC Boots are perfect for hiking, hunting, military, and police personals. They are very comfortable and extremely sturdy. They are obtainable in all shapes and forms. These boots are usually known as combat boots, which are used for marine and military operations. But in the current years it has grown to become a style statement among youth. Nowadays these boots are also available in suede materials.

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