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  • Author Steve Kernick
  • Published May 5, 2010
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When dealing with a building for lease it is very necessary to take just the right decision. However, this might seem rather daunting as your business will thrive on the kind of industrial space you select and take it on lease. As some might put, it is rather wise to take an industrial space for lease rather than purchase it. This entails lesser cost, low responsibility and the option of easy relocation.

Now, to initiate the accurate process of taking a building for lease you can follow the below mentioned points.

Consider Your Requirements:

Before you proceed with your search or finalize a deal consider the requirements that are your priority. You might be surprised that few business owners settle on deals or commercial real estate space with a good foyer and other facilities. However, this is never the right process. Pen down your requirements on a paper, right from your workforce to the amenities you need and the furniture you have. If you plan to expand keep your calculations right and make plans that are concrete. Consider all your crucial points before you finalize the commercial space.

Select a Good Agent: While seeking the apt building space for lease you can certainly put in your efforts in the search. However, it is wise to consider the industry knowledge of commercial real estate agents. Agents or broker have good knowledge on the present real estate market and the available listing of industrial space for sale and industrial space for lease. Besides, if you employ an expert real estate agent you might get a fairer price as they are aware of the right rates and will fetch you an affordable deal. They also have access to certain properties you might not even get on the listings.

Create a Financial Plan: Never go over the top with your budget if you cannot afford one. Consider the money before finalizing a building for lease since this can effect your business. Select an office space that is affordable and matches your budget plan. However, you can always spend later to either extend it or enhance it according to your need. Ensure that the price stated by the owner includes all costs. Read your contract paper carefully to make sure there are no hidden costs in the given contract. For this you either need a commercial property lawyer or else an agent to check these points.

Bargain the Monthly Payments: This is very necessary as in case your monthly payments are not apt this will again affect your business. This point is especially for entrepreneurs planning to take office space on rent. If you are purchasing an industrial space for sale you must negotiate the price well, and the down payment and installment accordingly. You again need the services of a good agent for this.

Future Plan: Construct a future business plan before you take up an office space. You can then focus on the rental agreements and sign your papers when the points coincide. Read the rental agreements carefully when taking an industrial space for lease. Do they allow you to remodel? Are you allowed to end the present agreement? What if you plan to move out before time, will there be any penalty? Check these points before signing the papers.

The above mentioned tips will help you select the best building for lease for your small or medium business.

Steve is a real estate agent and offers suggestions on building for lease, industrial space for lease and industrial space for lease. Here he writes his valuable tips on commercial real estate.

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