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  • Author Hudson Cyrus
  • Published May 29, 2007
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The idea of drippy candles may seem to be passé to the up-to-date, fashionable folk. After all, it never makes for a good time to clean up after a nasty wax candle mess. One would normally think it such an annoying task and a complete waste of time. Particularly, when there is a plethora of options available then does it makes sense to go for these drippy candles!

To speak the truth, these candles cannot be passed up as passé. Rather, one may be taken aback by the fast pace at which drippy candles are getting popular and nearing their niche. In fact, they are fast becoming a cult favourite among college students and others. Whether to liven up a Christmas evening or a reclusive private party, these candles perfectly fit the sanctity and mood of the occasion.

What bothers many people is the drippy nature of these candles. The melting wax poses a threat to the safety and beauty of the delicate and expensive table cloths or carpets. But what they are not aware of is the fact that these candles are multicoloured. So, when they are burnt, the wax that melts and drips down looks fluorescent. This glowing wax, when pours down, wakes up the aesthetic sense of even the most mechanical viewer.

Moreover, drippy candles often smell nice, give the room an additional heat, and provide a warm glow─ all of which are important in invigorating a romantic evening. They also can be an exigent ingredient of the recipe for a rocking get-together. Just imagine a group of friends lounge on cushions around low tables topped by drippy candles stuck in old wine jugs! There can be nothing surpassing than the delight of this joyous party.

Thus, instead of being fusty and fossilized, the idea of using drippy candles in private as well as public occasions is fast catching up. Besides being cost-effective, they are rich in aesthetic beauty and match the mood and spirit of all occasions.

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