How to Contemporize Your Bedroom


  • Author Vicki Duong
  • Published June 3, 2007
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Updating your bedroom and giving it that contemporary edge can be a fun project to undertake. If you read my earlier two articles How to Contemporize your Living Room and How to Contemporize your Dining Room, then you'll remember that one of the easiest ways to contemporize your bedroom is with a few furniture quick fixes.

Before you start working on refurbishing your bedroom, think about what kind of mood you'd wish to achieve. Considering that it is the bedroom, I'm going to take an educated guess and assume that you're looking to evoke a peaceful ambience to help you forget the woes and troubles of your day. The bedroom is after all, a place in which you rest. With that said, be sure to choose wisely when purchasing a bed - not only does it have to look appealing enough to sleep in, it also has to match with your decor.

Platform beds are very contemporary in style, and design wise they're absolutely gorgeous. Conveying a look of heightened style, sophistication and fine attention to design and detail, these types of beds are perfect for giving your bedroom that comforting yet stylish edge. The Sensay Platform Bed and Feng Shui Platform Bed on are excellent examples of what I'm describing. True, they're both finished in dark hues but you don't have to go in that direction to get the modern look you're seeking. Natural finishes and lighter browns are also available for those who prefer something a bit brighter.

Once you've decided upon the bed, the next step is to choose your nightstand. Nightstands come in handy for keeping journals, important documents and even jewelry by your bedside. As handy as they are, they should also be considered important design elements for your bedroom. That's why it's best to opt for having a pair of nightstands in your bedroom, one for each side of the bed. With this design scheme, the look of your bed will be balanced by the nightstands flanking each side, giving it a symmetry look. Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing your nightstands: it's not a bad idea to make sure that they match the bed.

Utilizing that same idea mentioned above, you may want to consider purchasing a dresser in the same finish or style as your bed. A necessity for those who aren't lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, dressers are essential to keeping all your personal effects in order. Just by keeping your bedroom organized you can transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven, which is why a dresser is a must have.

Refurbishing your bedroom or any part of your home is always an interesting project to commence upon. And like I've mentioned in my previous articles, the end result is always well worth the effort. By the time you're done giving your bedroom its mini makeover, you'll feel like a completely different person every time you walk in after a long day from work and in the morning when you've rested up.

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