Ten Easy Ideas for Decorating with Silk Flower Stems and Artificial Greenery


  • Author D Randolph
  • Published June 15, 2007
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Silk Flower Stems are a versatile medium to decorate with. With an abundance of color - you can find a use for these in every room. Here are some ideas to get you started. I think you'll see that once you get started, you'll be able to add even more to the list.

  • Entry way. Start with a very tall ceramic vase with a small opening. Use a tall green grass bush for accent (not to much) then throw in a 2-3 tall single silk stems (sunflowers and large Calla Lily work great)

  • Dining room - Long Skinny Table. Take a bundle of flowers, tulips, Gerbera Daisies and roses work best. Arrange them so the heads are all at different heights, symmetry is nice but not necessary. Trim the bottom and wrap with floral tape. Take a ½” ribbon and wrap it 2-3 times and time in a small bow.

  • Kitchen wall. Find a small wall vase, they com in glass, wire or ceramic. Any will work. Add 2-3 small stems, some like Silk Bouvardia Stems or Silk Freesia Stems would work nicely. Trim and shape so they fan out. On the wall side of the vase add some greenery like Artificial Maiden Hair Fern. Arrange so the Greenery works like a back drop.

  • Simple and Elegant Table Top. Here's the easiest of all. Find a colored glass vase, and fill it with tulips or roses of a similar color but 2-3 shades darker.

  • Side Table - Living Room. Find a short vase. Fill to overflowing with Silk Cosmos stems, add just a hint of greenery, like spider grass.

  • Drop in Bouquets - Kitchen glass. You can buy a drop-in bouquet ready to go or you can make one in a few minutes. Take multiple colors of the same Silk Flower Stems, typically about the same height, the stems should create a cluster of about 1"-2". Shape them so they look full not crowded. Drop them in a simple glass and set on a Kitchen table.

  • Harvest basket. Find a handled open flower basket in a light color. Lay 6-12 long tall sprays like a Dog's Tail Spray. On top of that lay some long stem Silk Roses or Tulips, sprinkle some small white flower heads on top of that like a dogwoods spray.

  • Breakfast nook - table. Small Bud vase of clear glass. Add a small single Silk flower stem like a daisy or a Silk Hyacinth Stems. You can drop this in the vase or if you are really a detail person you may want to put it in Acrylic Water.

  • Guestroom - bed. These beds are rarely used and most these rooms double as an office. Most people fill the bed with throw pillows. I say lose a few pillows- add a small bundle of gerbera daisies with a bow wrapped around them.

  • The fireplace. Fireplaces are usually the most difficult to decorate because they are either long and narrow mantles to decorate, or tall skinny sides. Most people fill the sides with fireplace tools but the mantles are usually cluttered. Take some fake holly sprays and add a 1/2 dozen stems to the top, add a little ribbon and your done.

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