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How to Trim a Hedge Properly Featured
By Graftingardeners · 4 days ago
Hedges that are well established will need to be trimmed to keep them compact and dense. If the hedge is a formal hedge, it will need trimming more frequently. When is the best time to ...
The Largest Trees in the UK Featured
By Graftingardeners · 4 days ago
When discussing the largest trees in the UK, we need to understand what we mean by large. Do we mean height or girth? Whichever we’re looking for brings up different contenders. Let’s have a look ...
Nesting Birds and The Effects on Tree Work Featured
By Graftintrees · 1 week ago
Anyone who works with trees must be aware of the constraints and legalities regarding nesting birds. In the UK, nesting season lasts from as early as February right through to the end of August depending ...