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Refresh on the Definition of Professional Conduct
By Jo Jordan · 4 years ago
When asking "Google" what the definition of "Professional Conduct" is, you’ll receive the following brief description "Professional conduct involves ethics, morals, and standards of behavior. Being a professional, it is necessary for the person to ...
Global VPN Use Is Booming But So Is Cyber-Censorship
By Joanne Jordan · 4 years ago
Net-savvy users consider VPNs a necessity these days. Can you afford to connect to the internet without using a Virtual Private Network? In restrictive countries like Russia, the UAE, and China the government imposes bans ...
Virtual Card Use Growing Exponentially
By Jo Jordan · 4 years ago
Credit card institutions such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are constantly optimizing the technology behind their services, and with the influx in fraud unraveling as time progresses, the use of virtual cards is ...