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Seniors need Help with Prescription
By Jeff Holbook · 7 years ago
Typical Prescription Errors that Affect Seniors Forgetting to take pills is way beyond Quality of Life. Forgetting or over-dosing can be fatal. Prescription caused deaths are on the up-swing For the first time, drug related ...
Safely taking Vitamins and Supplement
By Jeff Holbrook · 7 years ago
Are You Taking Vitamins and Supplements? Here’s How to take them safely. Vitamins and Supplements have been taken out of the doctor's Hands. Now they are marketed directly to consumers. They are blitzed with print, ...
Cost Of Assisted Living in your State
By Jeff Holbrook · 7 years ago
Age Induced Medication Mistakes(AIMM’s) send senior to Assisted Living Age Induced Medication Mistakes, or AIMM’s effects 90% of seniors. AIMM’s will lead to things like "forgetting to take out the trash" or "forgetting where you ...