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Tips That Help You for Playing Ukulele
By Richard Jones · 3 years ago
Interested in playing Ukulele? Having difficulties with the Ukulele? If you already started learning and just stuck in the rut, then I have some amazing tips and tricks to help you with improving your Ukulele ...
Start Learning Piano with These 5 Yamaha Digital Piano
By Brian Henderson · 3 years ago
When I wanted to start learning piano, I got so many suggestions from my friends. Some say to buy this, some says buy that, look for this, etc. It got me so confused that I ...
Top 5 Concert Ukulele Everyone Should Know
By Brian Henderson · 3 years ago
Ukulele comes in 4 different sizes. From the smallest to the largest, the names are Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Here, we’ll talk about the Concert one. It’s slightly bigger than Soprano and more comfortable ...