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  • Author Brian Henderson
  • Published April 14, 2018
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When I wanted to start learning piano, I got so many suggestions from my friends. Some say to buy this, some says buy that, look for this, etc. It got me so confused that I couldn’t decide which one to buy and start learning.

One day, a piano teacher told me to look for Yamaha digital piano to get started. My aunt introduced me to him knowing my interest in piano. So, I started to look online and got these 5 amazing Yamaha digital piano for beginners.

These are within my budget and has all the features that one need at the beginning. The links with each model will lead you to the official website of Yamaha. It’ll provide you more information and help you find a store near you.

Best 5 Yamaha digital piano for beginners

  1. Yamaha DGX-660

The model DGX-660 has 88 soft touch keys. The keys have weights like an actual piano. Lower keys have more weight and upper keys have less. The sound is pretty realistic.

It’s got Performance Assistant Technology which is cool. Because it’ll play the right tune even if you press the wrong keys. It is helpful for practicing and a little bit show off. If you got the timing right, no one in the audience will notice you’re playing wrong notes.

You’ll also get Yamaha Education Suite which works like a personal trainer. It’ll help you with easy step by step guide. You can connect this keyboard with your computer to play with some more awesome softwares.

  1. Yamaha P45B

If you want to get the hammer like touch in real pianos, buy Yamaha P45B. With Advanced Wave Memory sampling, you’ll hear deeper sound of an acoustic piano. This piano has easy and simple buttons to operate.

It’s the most affordable piano with 88 keys. The price is a bit higher than others on our list. But it is highly recommended to buy this one. It’ll give you the feel of a grand piano.

  1. Yamaha Piaggero NP11

Yamaha Piaggero NP11 is for those who doesn’t want to compromise the quality but on a budget. This one has 61 keys and high-quality more realistic sounds than before. It’s slim and lightweight which makes it easily movable. With built-in stereo speakers, the NP11 is always ready to go.

  1. Yamaha PSRE253

Your budget is even less? Don’t worry my friend. Yamaha offers a variety of digital pianos with a wide price range. You can easily connect it with your mobile or computer and play with your favorite song. This piano has 61 keys and an LCD display.

  1. Yamaha YPG-235

Want something professional grade? Yamaha YPG-235 is for you. Price is a bit higher but it’s totally worthy of your money. This 76-keyed piano has got everything you can ask for as a beginner. Yamaha’s latest technology ensures its realistic sound. It’s got everything you can have on P45B and Piaggero NP11. So, don’t hesitate to buy this one if you can manage the cash.

Piano with Weighted keys is better for practicing. But it costs too much and I didn’t have that much budget. If you think you can manage that, I’ll recommend you buy that type of piano. Don’t wait, choose one from above and start learning today.

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