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Charity Auctions Still Deliver for Fundraising
By Steven O'donnell · 12 years ago
According to our 2010 Charity Auction Market Research Report, luxury travel packages and unique once in a lifetime experiences are the most popular silent auction items. In addition to their popularity, luxury travel packages and ...
Doctor Shortage In the US Leads to Opportunities for Foreign Medical Grads
By Steve O'donnell · 12 years ago
The number of aged adults in the United States will almost double between 2005 and 2030, and by some conservative estimates we will have a 200,000 physician shortage as early as the year 2020. The ...
US Immigration Policy Comes to the Rescue of the Discriminated
By Steve O'donnell · 12 years ago
Can you imagine that in today's reality people who are homosexual and lesbian are being persecuted by their own country's government? There are not a few countries around the this world where administration persecution and ...