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Gavi di Gavi wine: a typical product of Italian’s excellence.
By Sarah Moro · 7 years ago
Gavi di Gavi wine is one of the most popular typical products of the Italian peninsula. Italian wines are considered by many as the best in the world. This is because the wine culture has ...
Barbera d'Asti wine: an important and famous italian wine
By Sarah Moro · 7 years ago
Barbera d'Asti wine is one of the most famous Italian wines. It has been exported worldwide and is considered a jewel of the Made in Italy brand. It has existed since the beginning of the ...
Barbaresco wine: a wonderful italian wine.
By Sarah Moro · 7 years ago
Barbaresco wine is an excellent Italian wine produced in the Piedmont region in the hilly area of the Langhe on the right bank of the Tanaro river, and specifically in the communes of Barbaresco, Nieve ...