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Stop Existing And Start Living!
By Patrick Brennan · 11 years ago
Are you still daydreaming about the goals you had set for yourself, but still have not achieved yet? So you start to daydream about what it would be like IF you really had achieved the ...
Would You Like To Work In Your PJs?
By Patrick Brennan · 11 years ago
WANT TO WORK IN YOUR PJ'S? Sure, who doesn't? A ton of people these days are fed up with the demand of the workplace, and the commute to get there. More and more people are ...
Are You Happy With Your Man Boobs?
By Patrick Brennan · 11 years ago
Yep, we're talking Man Boobs here! How would you like to say goodbye to skin that's flabby and has no definition? Wouldn't it be great to show off a nice chiseled look? You will feel ...