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Cyberwar History and Ukraine
By Steve Burgess · 2 years ago
People are much more drawn to images of blown-up building, fires, mushroom clouds, refugees in dire circumstances, color pictures of pain that are better in black and white than they are to explanations of code ...
El Salvador Adopts BitCoin
By Steve Burgess · 2 years ago
El Salvador Adopts BitCoin copyright 2021, Steve Burgess El Salvador just passed a law to make BitCoin (BTC) legal tender and is the first country to do so. It did something similar back in 2001, ...
Cyberbullying and Covid-19 - 2021 Update
By Steve Burgess · 3 years ago
California defines a cyberbully as anyone who sends any online communication to deliberately frighten, embarrass, harass, or otherwise target another. The Cyberbullying Research Center defines it as “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use ...