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Talismans of courage: The untold stories of Iranian soldiers and their taweez in the Iran-Iraq war
By Salam Burdu · 2 months ago
The Iran-Iraq War, spanning from 1980 to 1988, was a complex and multifaceted conflict that not only shaped the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East but also deeply influenced the cultural and spiritual lives of ...
How sufi teachings can help you to succeed in life
By Salam Burdu · 10 months ago
Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam, has been around for centuries and has had a profound impact on the spiritual lives of millions of people around the world. Although it originated in the Islamic world, ...
Uses and types of Islamic talismans-taweez in the folklore of arabic people
By Salam Burdu · 2 years ago
The Islamic talismans-taweez has been used for centuries in the muslim world. Banned in some countries, they are used secretly and freely in others. With the time, their fame grew up and in modern times, ...