Uses and types of Islamic talismans-taweez in the folklore of arabic people

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  • Published February 18, 2022
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The Islamic talismans-taweez has been used for centuries in the muslim world. Banned in some countries, they are used secretly and freely in others. With the time, their fame grew up and in modern times, due to the flourish of instant communication methods, the talismans got more and more fans and followers even in the non-muslim communities around the world.

But why is that? What is the difference between the Islamic talismans and any other type of talismans so that the taweez influence around the world grows?

The main difference is that the Islamic talismans are mainly made on the foundation of mathematics , which is by itself an exact science. In their preparation are used highly complex equations following exact numerological and logical rules, found and established hundreds of years ago. Some of them came from pre-islamic times.

On the other side there is some kind of pseudo-seals-sigil talismans, with strange unknown figures , look like drawn by an abstinent junkie. Yes, we are talking about Goetia and other Grimoires. Which signs has no logical explanation and can be drawn by 5-year-old kid. Even in the empowerment - when doing the taweez - certain name or phrase has to be recited certain amount of times following exact logic, so to evoke certain powers or spirits by using trance-like state of mind. In the western talismans, the empowering is just wishful thinking and hope something to happen...which usually don't...Or using 'enns' - 'sacred words' - nobody knows from where came that word. We believe that someone got drunk and decide to make a joke with the people and no one can tell what is the idea behind these monkey sounds. And last but not least - thousands of muslim occultists were involved in researching the secrets of the unseen for centuries. They even influenced the invention of the Kabbalah in mauritanic Spain, while the religious institutions in Europe put a dark veil on any kind of research for centuries. Only single occultists from time to time dare to appear in the history.

But what is the idea of using all the talismans? From the beginning of human history, they are used for different purposes in everyday life. The Islamic talismans don't make exception. In now days they are used for protection against evil, diseases and accidents, for gaining higher salary, for improving of health, for success in every field of life and for luck. Of course - for finding suitable partner, for return of lost love or for hate, separation between two lovers and for revenge.

We all are used to imagine something that we put on the neck or in wallet when we hear the word talisman. But a lot of these items used for solving everyday problems may not be worn by people.

For example - the muslim taweez for protection can be put in your car, so to be in safe from accidents and car crashes. Other type of every day taweez is one for protection of home - usually this type of amulets are put near the entrance door of home so to stop the bad energies from coming inside. There is one interesting fact connected to the front doors. Some love binding and separation taweez are also putted around the front door, typically under the threshold so the targeted person can walk on them and activate the items.

It is believed that the home protection taweez are used not only against evil spiritual forces, like djinns and spirits, but also against physical manifestations of evil - robbers and calamities.

Other very interesting type of everyday taweez is the one used for attraction of clients in shop. On a noticeable place in the center of the shop a talisman is hanged on a cord from the roof or the lamp, so any movement of the air can swing and move it. Talking about such air taweez - we must note one type of love back talismans, which has to be tied with a thread to hang on a living sweet tree like cherry, so to be swing by the wind and attract the wanted person. The problem of that kind of item is the big possibility of the item getting wet from rain.

Other interesting type is the love back taweez with fire. A metal plate is engraved with the symbols and then everyday put on fire, so the plate get hot like the heart of the beloved one. But another metal plate taweez is not so harmless - if special talisman is engraved on a lead plate and then thrown on the roof of the enemy house - the possibility he to left his home or the home get in ruins is very big.

As you may find - there are also water taweez - usually to dissolve in water and gave to a person to drink or sprinkle around. Mainly these items are connected with love and health matters. But there are also another type of water taweez, which has to be thrown in a river daily for 40 days to accomplish their purpose. This is very hard work to do, especially if you don't live around river.

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