What Will the Job of the Christian be in the Kingdom of God?

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  • Published February 18, 2024
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Millions who profess a belief in Christ falsely believe that the reward of the just is going to heaven to be with God; those who believe this have no understanding of what they are going to do in heaven, but their thinking is that they been called to get saved so they can go to heaven.

The Kingdom of God Will be on earth

Jesus revealed that He would return to rule on this earth with his saints – who will be resurrected from the dead along with those living and be changed from flesh to Spirit or made immortal at this his second coming. Revelation 5:10 states that these saints of God are to be kings and priests who shall reign on earth.

In speaking of the second coming of Christ, Isaiah 9:7 says, “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom …” Jesus Christ is coming and will be in the possession of the Government of God which will be set up on the earth.

In Luke 19: 12, Jesus likened himself to a nobleman who went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins by dying and being resurrected from the dead, HE ascended up to God’s throne – indicating He has qualified and given approval from God the Father to return to earth as the new world ruler of this planet earth. Please notice the announcement that will be made at the sounding of the seventh trumpet: “And the seventh angel sounded, and there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ and HE shall reign for ever and ever” (Rev. 11:15). Also, Psalm 72: 8, 11: He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him.”

Christ is coming to not only remove Satan – who is the god of this world (2nd Cor. 4:4), but to take over all human governments of all nations on earth. Christ is coming to ultimately take over the rulership of Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, India, Britain, Canada and all the rest of the nations on earth; He is going to have a strong rule over them. Revelation 2:26,27 shows that God’s saints, under the authority of Christ, are to have power over the nations and will rule them with a rod of iron. This will be a strong rule so these nations will be required to obey God and come to understand that obedience to God’s law is the way that produces peace and lasting happiness.

The Reward the Church Will Receive

Jesus said, “And, behold I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be” (Revelation 22: 12). God is going to reward his servants according to what they have done with their Christian calling and how well they overcame in this life; how well they overcome themselves and the wrong and sinful ways of this world that is ruled by Satan – because over coming means the true Christian is required to forsake the ways of this world – setting our affection on the things of God; we must be praying, studying, drawing close to God – growing in grace and understanding – even as 2 Peter 3:18 says.

Notice Jesus said when he comes, reward will be handed out, but what will be the reward of his true and faithful servant?

As previously stated, Jesus, having gone to heaven, pictured by the nobleman going to a far country - and receiving authority from God the Father to be the new ruler of planet earth, will return as such. This means when Christ comes, He will ultimately take over the government of all nations on earth – where the kingdom of God will prevail. Daniel 7:27 speaks of this time – saying: “And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most - High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom …” The saints, under the authority of God, shall have possession of the earth as earth wide rulers.

What Will the Job of the Saints be in the Kingdom?

Notice Revelation 5:10: “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.” The saints of God are to be given royal rule as kings and religious authority as priests. As priest and kings, some of these kings will rule over various cities and people in the kingdom of God; Jesus exemplified this by saying one would rule over five cities while another will rule over ten cities (Luke 19: 15-18). Revelation Chapter two and chapter three shows some will have authority to rule over the nations with a rod of iron – while other will be pillars in the temple of God.

The Bible actually reveals the reward that men like David and the apostles will receive when Christ return. In speaking of David’s reward, the scripture reveals that when all of the scattered people of Israel are united at the return of Jesus Christ, David is going to be their king and ruler under Christ; Ezekiel 37:24 says, “And David my servant shall be king over them …” In his mortal like, David was king over Israel and in the coming kingdom of God, David will once again be made king over the people, but in a much higher and more exalted position as an immortal ruler in the kingdom of God. In relation to the reward of the twelve apostles, Jesus also revealed that they shall each be given an individual throne to sit on and rule over each of the twelve tribes of Israel (Matt. 19:28). So, it is made very clear what reward David, and the apostles will receive. what a fabulous and exciting promise this is.

But what about the apostle Paul; he was also an apostle; what will be his reward in the kingdom? God has not revealed what Paul’s position will be but considering that Paul was an apostle to the gentiles, we could infer or consider it possible that Paul could also be a king ruling over the gentile nations or at least some portion of the gentile world. Notice I said, some portion of the gentile world; I say this because the prophet Daniel also dealt with the first world ruling empire - Babylon- which was a gentile kingdom; so, it is possible that Paul and Daniel could work as a team - holding tremendous position of authority over the gentile nations.

But what about men like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Just what will their position be in the soon coming kingdom of God? Again, it is not clear what position these men will hold; the Bible does not say but consider this: Abraham is considered to be the father of the faithful, so it is quite reasonable to wonder if Abraham will not then hold position of authority in God’s Government directly under Christ – while Isaac and Jacob may well work together as a team directly under Abraham. Remember, God’s Government is going to be ruled from the Top – Down – meaning there will be an orderly chain of command – with God the father being supremely in charge and Christ will be over all in the kingdom of God; Christ is the King of kings – ruling over all kings; God the Father and Christ are supreme over all that is in existence and all that will ever be, and God does everything through his orderly Government structure. So, it is not unreasonable to consider that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will have top-light position in the Government of God – being right there at the very headquarters with Christ – as part of his administration.

Before continuing I wish to point out that Christ is now sitting on the right of God in heaven on the Father’s throne, because as of now, Jesus Christ is not yet sitting on his own throne; Jesus will be sitting on his own throne when He comes to remove Satan and take over the throne of the earth. Jesus’ throne will not be in heaven; a second throne in heaven could give the appearance that Christ is competing against the throne of the Father; No, Jesus will not only take over the throne of his father David, but the throne of the earth – where He will sit and rule; this is why He said, “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father on his throne” (Rev. 3:21). So, we see there are two thrones involved: the Father’s throne and the throne of Jesus – which will be on earth. They are not competing thrones, but the throne Christ will sit on is approved and given to Him by the Father to administer the rule and Government of God over the earth; it greatly pleases the Father to give that throne to his Son, and HE is also pleased that we too can sit on that throne – under the authority of Christ in the kingdom of God.

In this soon coming kingdom of God, some of the saints are going to receive greater reward than others; it will be so because some will have dedicated themselves to God more fully than others – meaning some will not have studied hard enough; they did not study, pray and overcome as much as they should – by overcoming themselves and the things of the world; they became somewhat careless in their faith. This is why Jesus said there would be those considered least in the kingdom of God (Matt. 5:19).

It may be surprising to some to think that God would is going to consider some to be lesser than others, but HE does, and this is why some are going to have greater position of authority in the Government of God than others; in Luke 19:15-19, Jesus proved this point by showing one servant overcame and was diligent in the things of God that the servant was given the rule over ten cities -while another is given five cities to rule over. But even as someone may be considered least in the kingdom of God, Jesus also made known that even that least person will be greater than John the Baptist (Matt. 11:11). The least in the kingdom is greater than John, because that person has been changed from flesh to Spirit and is therefore greater than the mortal man – John the Baptist – meaning that even the person who is least in God’s kingdom, as an immortal being, is far greater than any mortal human that has ever lived. And even though the least in God’s kingdom will hold lesser positions of authority, all positions given by Christ will be important positions in the Government of God. And I would also like to add that whatever position is assigned to someone in the kingdom of God, that person will be quite satisfied - as there will no feeling of resentment, bitterness, jealousy of any kind; such will never ever be there – because all who will be in God’s kingdom, will have already proven to God in their physical life that they desire to serve and obey him. Not one person who hates and harbors ill will toward another brother or Christian is ever going to be allowed to carry such feeling over into the kingdom of God - as such person will simply never be in God’s kingdom.

Also keep in mind that God is going to give his servants positions of authority that they are best suited for. Remember that we all do not have the same pleasure doing the same thing, and so, Jesus Christ who knows the heart, is going to place each of his servant in the office or job that will bring utmost pleasure to that person. In God’s kingdom, gone are the days when a person complains about their boss or hating what they do for a living- as all of God’s saints are going to be ecstatically happy – filled with joy overflowing in doing their assigned position in the God’s kingdom; they will accomplish great things and will look back on past accomplishments with sheer joy – while joyfully and tirelessly looking ahead to future accomplishments; and why not? We will be Spirit – never getting tired or getting old – aways full of vibrant self-sustaining life that will go on for all eternity – because we are going to live exactly the way God lives. God does not rely on outward things as the source to make him happy, because true happiness and joy radiate out from God and into the things that HE does – meaning God is the true source from which happiness emanates, and we his saints are the recipients of that happiness - which produces a way of life that is of outflowing love, cooperation, peace, joy overflowing, and a life of great purpose and meaning for all eternity; this is why Jesus said, “… I will make you ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord” (Matt. 25:23).

If you go to the book of Revelation (2:7,10, and 11, 17, 26 to 28; 3: 4 and 5, 12,21) you will discover that the saints of God are given different promise of the reward they will receive. For example, the Church at Ephesus is told that if it overcame, that person or Christian will “eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God” (Rev. 2:7); another Church – the Church of Thyatira is promised that they would have power over the nations – ruling with a rod of iron under Christ (Rev. 2:26,27). If we skip down to Revelation 3:12, the Philadelphia Church is given the promise that the one who overcomes will be made a pillar in the temple of God. This is a marvelous, wonderful, and exciting promise to the Philadelphians. Notice God says the temple of God – which means the Government of God or where God rules. When Christ comes, He will be ruling in Jerusalem; this is where his headquarters will be, and the promise to the Philadelphians is that they will be there as pillars in the very Headquarters – where Christ is ruling and administering the Government of God.

Remember the Church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, this means that as pillars in the temple (Government) of God, these Philadelphians will stand upon the foundation of that temple or Government as bright and outstanding pillars. If you ever visited a building having pillars, those pillars are most likely to attract the attention of people, because pillars are that which provide the main support in a building, therefore, this reference to pillars is Christ’ way of showing the exalted position of authority the Philadelphians will have in the Government of God. This mean the Philadelphians will be at the headquarters where Christ is ruling and they will be empowered to set policies; they will provide teaching, help and assistance to other rulers or kings in the family of God, who may come to headquarters – needing to have decisions made on matters that Christ will determine. You can compare Acts 15 -where the Church had to come to Jerusalem or headquarters to resolve an issue. And although God’s Government will be perfect and orderly, there is no doubt that in the growing civilization of God – with millions and millions of people to rule over, there will be those things that are going to require the final say so or approval of Jesus Christ and his saints – especially those who will be at the very seat of Christ’s Government.

In God’s new civilization, there will be no politics; no Democratic or Republican Party; no political mudslinging; no voting or candidates on a debate stage. Such things as transgender and homosexual rights will not be allowed, and such things as transgender male bathing in the bathroom of little girls will not be tolerated. Oh yes, people are still going to want to do the wrong things even when Christ is ruling on earth – as human nature is not going to simply change overnight; Christ is not going to come and just snap his fingers and suddenly all is well; No, not at all, it is going take time to root out the human or carnal nature that is so in enmity against God (Romans 8: 7). But when people refuse to obey and continue to rebel – not willing to change – despite God’s warning, then notice what Christ is going to do: “… and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the false swearers … (Malachi 3:5). Christ is going to have a strong rule – having to rule over rebellious people with a rod of iron.

No flesh and blood human is going to hold any Government office when the kingdom of God is here; all mortals will be lovingly ruled over by the immortal saints of God; Flesh born human will not have any position of rulership in God’s Government because mortal man has muddled things up since Adam and Eve sinned against God; mankind has proven that man is incapable of governing himself without God, and so, no mortal will be assigned a position of authority in God’s Government.

All mortals living on the earth at this time are going to be reeducated by the saints of God on how to live; they are going to have to be taught about God and to have a true understanding of the things of God – as all the false practices and beliefs that Satan has injected into the human mind will have to be replaced by the knowledge of the true ways of God; millions upon millions will have to be reeducated worldwide and it is going to take time and effort -as people living in the country sides, in remote villages and rural areas around the world – will all have to be taught and trained to live God’s way. When these humans are taught the true way of living, they too will become converted and will ultimately be changed from flesh to Spirit – so they too can now go on to be teachers and teach other mortals so they too can learn and grow and become immortal and can join the expanding or growing family of God and become immortal too. Remember, Christ is building a new civilization and in a new and growing civilization there are going to be millions of jobs or positions of responsibilities that will need to be filled – so there is a lot of work ahead, and no doubt, God the Father and Jesus Christ – along with his saints, are going to be very busy with this great job of the reeducation of humanity and all that will be done to build this great and exciting new civilization. How truly wonderful is the mind of our God to reveal these things to us?

Whether a person wants to believe it or not, this new civilization is going to be here on this earth and perhaps you are reading this may yet live to see the second coming of Christ. It is true that no man knows the day nor the time when Christ will return; Jesus himself said so, but the events unfolding in the world -with war and the threats of war – with nations against other nations – along with our descent into immorality – especially as we see in a declining United States and Britain, is a sign that we are very close to the end of man’s misrule over the earth. As to how soon we are to this world - shaking event of Christ’s second coming, I would only say that since the bible reveals that immediately after the tribulation there will appear the supernatural sign in heaven – which will result in the sun being darkened and the moon not giving its light – leading to the appearance of the “sign of the Son of man in heaven” (Matt. 29, 30), that it is very possible that the Great Tribulation could come upon the world within the next 5 to 7 years - or even sooner – because things could suddenly snap together – catching the world off guard – plunging the world into the worse time of suffering ever experienced; this is going to happen when the ten prophesied nations of Europe come together to form the final Revival of the so called holy Roman Empire spoken of in Revelation 17: 12,13. This is why I would encourage people to watch the events unfolding in Europe and on the actions of Germany – as this country – along with the urging of the Catholic Church, is prophesied to play a great role in uniting or bringing together these union of nations; and when they come together, there is going to become more visible, a Hitlerian type leader – more cunning and deceitful than Hitler - supported and guided by the Vatican, and will cater to the beliefs of the papacy – which will institute and enforce rules and laws that will prohibit you from buying, selling – holding a job unless you bend to the dictates of this religious power; all of Western civilization will be impacted by this union of nations in Europe, and so will you and your family – if you are alive at this time. Just recently, the Italian Foreign Minister (Antonio Tajani) declared that the European Union should form its own combined army and that the EU should be run or governed by a single presidency rather than the current structure of a European Council president and a European Commission president. Well, isn’t that interesting? You can look at my previous pieces here on Article Biz and see that I been telling people about this federation of ten nations to come out of Europe.

The good news, is that Christ is coming to break the power of the rebellious nations – which include, China, Russia and set up the ruling Government of God on the earth – where He and his saints will begin a worldwide re-education of mankind from Satan’s ways to God’s way; it is then that Habakkuk 2:14 will be fulfilled: “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” We are truly living in frightening but exciting times – because the redemption of the righteous draws near (Luke 21:28). I tell you it could be sooner than most people think or realize.

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I am an old man who has long realized that professing Christianity - with all it Mega-Churches and various denominations do not at all proclaim the true teachings of the Bible; and so, I write these articles for those with an open mind, who, may possibly, be willing to see the truth.

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