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By Prof Obed B. Chelogoi · 3 months ago
Semantics is a term used to describe the study of language and the mind. It is a wide idea that is applied across many academic fields. It can be used to investigate the inner workings ...
By Prof Obed B. Chelogoi · 3 months ago
I]. What is mental health? Although there are many definitions of "mental health" available online, doctors often refer to mental health as an endeavor. Although the phrases "mental health" and "physical health" are sometimes used ...
Spiritual Miasma: Towards Progressive Holiness
By Prof Obed B. Chelogoi · 10 months ago
In the advent of these tumultuous times, the preacher needs to avoid hyperbolic fallacy and engage in a serious exposition of Scripture that elevates to glorification. Moreover, the minister must evade misinterpretation of the apocalypse ...