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DEAL OF THE DAY: Autel AUDS708 MaxiDAS Diagnostic Scan Tool
By Clark Heintz · 8 years ago
Developed by the utmost distinguished experts of the auto scan tool industry, the MaxiDAS® DS708 is a state-of-the-art diagnostic system that delivers more stable, more accurate, more comprehensive, faster, and all-around easier diagnosis. Clark Heintz ...
"Saylor-Beall is a Top Notch Air Compressor," says Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment
By Amy Carmosino · 9 years ago
Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment is determined to put Saylor Beall on your radar when you consider purchasing a cost-effective, highly efficient, and long-lasting air compressor. As a leading manufacturer of industrial grade air compressors ...
A Simple Business Model: Give The People What They Want
By Amy Carmosino · 9 years ago
So a customer called us here at Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment a week or so ago about a motorcycle lift. He had purchased a lift for just under $1,100.00 from another source, got it ...