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Briefing UP: Delivering Pitch Perfect Briefings to Senior Leaders
By Aileen Pincus · 1 year ago
When briefing a senior leader in your organization, make sure you're armed with the essential to make sure that briefing delivers exactly what's needed. If briefing senior leaders is an essential part of your job, ...
Keeping the Connection: Presenting to Non-Native Speakers
By Aileen Pincus · 1 year ago
“The single biggest problem with communication according to George Bernard Shaw, is the illusion that it has taken place.” You don’t have to be a famous Irish Playwright to understand that critique for the ages. ...
Executive Presence: The Secret Sauce That Powers It
By Aileen Pincus · 1 year ago
“Executive Presence” is one of those terms we hear thrown around a lot… Nonetheless, like art, it's pretty hard to define but we’re pretty sure we know it when we see it. Some talk about ...