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Meeting the Uzbek client where he is at, and not at.
By Dmitri Oster, Lcsw · 1 year ago
Working predominantly with Uzbek-, Russian-, and Tajik-speaking men from the hinterlands of Central Asia over more than a decade has allowed me to refine some ideas on the concept of motivational interviewing via a "culturally ...
Uzbek respectfulness and mental health implications; traditions of Hurmatchiliq
By Dmitri Oster · 1 year ago
What if what is missing from some of our most cherished theories of personality assessment and behavioral change is the idea of respect? A respect that is based on a deep and authentic sense of ...
Counseling Uzbek-speaking clients; kak deela-siz?
By Dmitri Oster · 1 year ago
Counseling Uzbek-speaking clients and others from the ex-Soviet Central Asian region is not something I planned for when I started my career in the mental health and social services arena more than twenty years ago. ...