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  • Published June 7, 2010
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The fine food Store is now offering a variety of delicious fresh fish fresh fish and seafood to its extensive online portfolio, you can order from the comfort of your home or office with the knowledge that it will be delivered direct to

your door. There has never been a better time to buy fish, with its health properties and being low in fat. Fish oil can play a vital part in reducing the risk posed by high levels of LDL cholesterol.

Not only does it contain high quantities of the essential Omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, research also shows that taking fish oil on a daily basis can lower triglyceride levels, sometimes by as much as 30%.Oily fish has already been linked with protection from heart disease, arthritis, eczma, psoriasis and dementia - however more research is needed to confirm diets for asthma and assess the role of dietary factors in the development of asthma in children, and adults.

You can clearly see that a regular intake of fish will help in the development of your children and help in the protection of certain ailments. All the fish in question is fresh, and purchased from the Grimsby fish market on a daily basis. The fish delivery will be to your door by courier, and once ordered can be delivered within 24 hours to your home. Each fish or seafood listed will have accompanying recipes for your reference, to help you to cook the perfect meal every time. Below is a sample of some of the products we are offering.

Haddock Fillets

This superb family favourite, which is found in most fish and chip shops across the country, is available to buy fresh and delivered to your door.

Natural Smoked Haddock Fillets

The fish is smoked in traditional timbered chimneys using and oak smoked method, giving you the finest tasting smoked haddock.

Cod Fillets & Loins

Cod is a popular fish with a mild flavour, low fat content and a dense white flesh that flakes easily.

Sea Bass Fillets

This great tasting white fish that is often referred to as a delicacy and is brought to you fresh.

Scottish Salmon Fillets

These succulent salmon fillets are sourced from Scotland, the world’s renowned leader of quality-farmed salmon. Rich in Omega 3 not only does this salmon taste great but offers real benefits to your health and Families too.

Monk Fish Fillets

The white coloured meat from the Monkfish's tail section is firm, sweet and cooked Monkfish has a firm texture almost like Lobster Tail meat.

Lemon Sole Goujons

These delicious Lemon sole goujons are perfect for family meals and party treats. These delicious treats are made up of succulent strips of lemon sole and are coated in a crispy lemon and pepper breadcrumb.

Cooked and Peeled King Prawns

These delicious farmed King Prawns are cooked and peeled, and are a good size. These Far East varieties are ready to eat after thawing.

You can see the quality range of Fish and Seafood’s by visiting the well stocked website and look under the Fishmonger Category.There is also a well-stocked delicatessen and a first class selection of hampers wines, chocolates and so much more.

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