Mothers Day Gifts That Cost Next To Nothing

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  • Published June 14, 2010
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In my opinion one mothers day gift can’t ever be enough because one day can’t really be enough to show mom how much she means to you. I’m not one of those people who think Mother’s day is just a dumb hallmark holiday. I just think one day really isn’t enough because as much as I plan to give mom a really great surprise I’m always disappointed with my efforts because whatever I buy or do, it just doesn’t seem to do the trick.

I gave mom flowers three years in a row because that’s what everyone else does but I never really got the feeling that mom liked them for what they were; a mothers day gifts . She only liked them because they were flowers and it would be nice to have some around for a while.

Since then I’ve experimented with several things to send my mom in the week leading to mothers day. Some good and some bad and I’ve noticed she cherishes most if not all of them and she doesn’t really miss the flowers I used to send her. My mothers day gift giving regime is pretty simple and straight forward. The no. one rule is no splurging, mom can tell if I’ve just thrown money at a sparkly something to make her happy and she doesn’t like it. She ends up feeling guilty herself which isn’t something that I hope to achieve when I buy a gift for my mom.

In my opinion these are the best mothers day gifts I’ve ever given to date;

Picture Album

Scrapbooks and picture albums seem like a childish idea at first and I definitely thought that my mom wouldn’t want any more pictures but to my surprise she loved it! It wasn’t the ordinary picture filled scrapbook. I added some other memories from my childhood, (ones I’d shared with my mom) to it, like a hand woven bracelet she taught me to make and some Girl Scout memories.

Recipe book

I compiled a collection of all the special family recipes in one album and complemented it with pictures of mom giving me cooking lessons and me and my sisters having fun in the kitchen. I found tons of stickers to decorate the album and even had a label and dedication printed on it. The book was dedicated to my mom and had a special mothers day message to accompany it.

Hand knit sweater

This one didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped it would, I was a first timer at it and it didn’t come out as neat as it would have if my mom had made it and it took me two months to make it. This isn’t really the kind of gift you can give your mom if you’re short on time but you can consider it for next year. (Mom gave me a book on knitting basics on my birthday that year)

Gift baskets

I had no idea that my mom liked getting gift baskets; I was browsing online and looking at all the different mothers day gifts baskets and bought one on a whim. It was food themed, and made of fruit. It

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