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  • Published July 5, 2010
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So what is Yournetbiz?

Yournetbiz or myinternetbusiness as it was formerly known is an online marketing company. But, unlike most other marketing companies they offer you training which teaches you how to gain a web presence and make money online. In addition to this training you get access to tonnes of videos, ebooks and software for free which you get the master resell rights to. Not only can you use these products for your own benefit you can sell them on and keep 100% of the sale.

The skills that you learn with Yournetbiz will teach you how to make money online and I don't mean a few dollars here and there. I found the training so useful I have been able to use it to market other products online effectively.

So, What are the products like? Are they any good?

Well there are 1800 products to choose from and what might be useful to you may not be useful to others, but like I said there are 1800 products so plenty to choose from so you should find plenty of useful products from the 1800 available. I find the e-books particularly useful as they have helped my training in combination with the 200+ training videos. Most of the products are private label goods which basically means you have the right to sell it on and market it as your own product.

Picking a sponsor/mentor

A crucial decision you have to make before joining yournetbiz is who you want to be your sponsor. It is quite easy to go for the sponsors who like to showcase their earnings in a video but it is not always the best choice to choose one of these marketers as a mentor as it is quite easy to fake income and you may be mislead.

If you want to make money online then find a sponsor who can provide time and support to help you become an online success.

What level should I join at?

There are four levels to join at bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The joining fee increases the higher level you wish to join at. Most sponsors will be wanting you to join at gold or or platinum for obvious reasons because there are larger commissions to be made at those levels. The difference between the levels is the amount of commission you earn and the products you are entitled to. You can only resell the products available to your level. For example, if you are at silver level you can sell bronze and silver level products, at gold you can sell bronze silver and gold. Get the idea?

Deciding what level you want to join at depends on your budget, and marketing experience. If are already an experienced marketer and are confident you can make money with yournetbiz quickly then gold or platinum will be for you, however if you are a newbie and your budget is tight then silver or bronze would be the best option. You can upgrade to a higher package from a lower package later .

To sum up Yournetbiz

Yournetbiz really is the business to join if you want to make money online as not only can you earn a very good living you get access to digital products to sell outside of selling the bronze, silver, gold and platinum product packages. You also get access to over 200 training videos covering all aspects of online marketing, training you to be an online success plus you can use the digital products you have access to to further aid your training.

You don't just have to stick to yournetbiz either. You can use the training you receive as part of your package to market other opportunities online. Like most things it's easy if you know how. Yournetbiz give you that know how enabling you to make money online.

One thing I will say is you won't make money if you make no effort. You will need time, and you will need to keep at it. Watch the training videos and read the e-books until you fully understand what they are trying to teach you and you will be an online success.

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Matthew Haskins

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