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  • Published August 11, 2010
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A list of upper fixers is a huge investment tool in the hands of real estate investors, but many of them either underutilize it or they do not know how much wealth that is untapped or unexploited from such a list. This is generally considered to be a list of houses that are still in good condition that will require very minimal work to be done on it before they are ready for people to move in again. Usually, most houses when acquired are either remodelled or refurbished to give them a new look before selling them at a much higher rate.

Creating Value for These Houses

There are quite a number of things foreclosure investors can do to improve the value of houses that are found on a list of fixer uppers. One of such things is to begin the search for potential buyers before the houses are ready to be sold. This normally reduces significantly the amount of time the house will be in the market before it is eventually sold or rented. Once there are a couple of customers interested in any of the properties on your list, you can quickly evaluate the cost of renovating the house in order to know what price tag to put on them. Also, it is important to finish such houses excellently in order to attract the kind of price you may want to sell them for.

Important Things to Take Note

In as much as houses found on a list of fixer uppers require minimum amount of work to be done on them, there are some things that are very critical and must be considered carefully. There are instances where some of these houses usually have faults that may not be readily detected. An investor must be careful to check all of these things especially plumbing works and electrical wiring and installations to ensure they are in good working conditions. Sometimes, these things may cost much more to repair than what was budgeted for them.

It is essential for investors that are seeking for strategies to improve their profits to consider these things carefully in order to get a good return on investment within a good period of time.

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