How to Get Financing to Buy a Property From Repossessed House Listings

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  • Published September 2, 2010
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Residential properties under repossessed house listings are way cheaper than new homes so it is highly possible for a buyer to find a good financing program. However, he should know where to look and what steps to take to make sure that he will get some financial backing to afford a foreclosed dwelling.

Buyers with Good Credit Scores

Home buyers with spotless credit histories are in the best position to acquire a solid financing package. People who have sterling credit records can get a good deal from a conventional lending institution or bank and will likely get approved. If the buyer, along with his good credit history, has the means to pay for the down payment and closing costs in cash, his chances of getting a good loan will rise even higher.

People with good credit histories but who do not have the means to pay for the down payment can explore the option of getting an adjustable mortgage rate loan. This type of loan can cover the down payment so that the buyer can push through with buying a property under repossessed house listings. He could also opt for a private mortgage insurance that will insure the down payment.

Buyers with Poor Credit Histories

For home buyers with poor credit records, getting financial backing might be more difficult. One option that they can consider is getting a loan from a private lender. However, these lenders offer loans with higher interest rates than those offered by traditional lending institutions or banks. Also, private lenders do not usually favor borrowers with bad credit histories who also do not have the means to pay for the down payment and the closing cost.

Another option that people with poor credit ratings can explore is getting financing from the seller, usually a bank, since there will be no need to qualify. However, seller banks have their own criteria in place when it comes to providing financing to a buyer with poor credit records.

Finding a property from repossessed house listings is quite easy, but finding a loan package to finance the purchase is another matter. Buyers should keep in mind that those who have good credit records will always have the advantage when it comes to seeking financial backing.

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