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  • Published September 22, 2010
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The arrival of hot summer days, the broiled in the sun, under the churn in the heat. Nothing is more suitable than the icy beer this season.

  1. DK1308 Crown Square brewed beer

DREI KRONEN (3 crown) beer Square is one of the world's oldest hereditary wine Square, by the hereditary winemaker Mr. Andreas with the royal family and specifically for brewing wine and traditional recipes 700 years ago.

Traditional Wheatbeer: white beer brewed

DK1308 white beer is brewed with a traditional Bavarian Cup in full bloom, and the only pure wheat brew. Pale yellow wine, before drinking you can smell the fragrance of wheat. Round the taste, you can feel a kind of faint aftertaste of fruit.

Lager Beer: home-brewed ale

DK1308-brewed ale is made of the best selection of German malt. Traditional brewing methods make wine golden in color, fine white foam cup hanging lasting.

Dark Beer: Brewed Stout

DK1308 brewed Stout is made of four roasted malt after brewing in a secret way. It is wine black, rich taste and beauty of a kind of light caramel flavor aftertaste.

  1. Paulaner Brauhaus

In the Paulaner, the central hall was ornamented with micro-brewery equipment, will show the whole process of brewing beer in front of guests. Hops and yeast are specially shipped from Germany, therefore, brewed beer is more mellow in taste. Ale and stout are brewed Paulaner's flagship beer, ale is light taste, Stout is relatively strong number.

  1. Rand count Brasserie & restaurant

Rand business in Germany's top beer count Brasserie, bringing together the rich international characteristics of the German wines, and you can taste a variety of authentic German premium beer.


Germany's veteran first grade sales of beer, was born in 1817 in western Germany's historical city Bitburger town.

Reissdorf K'lsch

Cologne Beer is the specialty of Cologne,and it is around the widely beloved in Germany. Cologne beer, wine quality is very light, clear beer with even lighter color, less bitter taste .

  1. Danger Doyle's Irish Bar

All the design and decoration of Danger Doyle's Irish Bar in Beijing came from distant Ireland, wood color floors and walls painted green Ireland are full of symbolism Irish clover map.


Black stout. Guinness looks very dark in color, it seems a stamina wine, but in fact to the real strong beer, it is very soft and mellow, you can match with most food.

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