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  • Published October 5, 2010
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This article was put together to provide you with facts pertaining to Hot Dogs. You will typically find a long list of facts when you read my articles. Our articles are typically based on research and study and very little opinion. Our articles tend to stand out due to the fact that we typically display a list of facts and not paragraphs. Our unique format of displaying a list of facts is preferred by our readers, because they can easily find the information they are seeking.

We have done research and found interesting facts that you may not have known. We are displaying the facts we have found via our research below. We warn you to not ignore these facts because they will help you. The facts that we have unearthed will give you a starting point as you continue researching:

  1. Hot dogs are cooked in a casing, or thin skin, to keep their shape.

  2. Seattle, Washington, often called Seattle style hot dogs, are known for the liberal use of cream cheese and onions, usually on a grilled toasted bun, often with kraut.

  3. Most manufacturers use only high quality meats to assure that their hot dogs are of similar quality.

  4. Vienna Beef Hot Dogs are probably the some of the best tasting dogs you will ever experience.

  5. Hot dogs are the milder evolution of sausages, but unlike sausages, hot dogs are usually packaged fully cooked.

  6. Since hot dogs are meat products, they are an excellent source of nutrients including iron, zinc, niacin, riboflavin, and B vitamins.

  7. Once the hot dogs are stuffed, you pre-cook them (you can boil them in water for 15 minutes) and then refrigerate or freeze them.

  8. In America alone over 16 billion hot dogs are consumed each year.

KEEP READING -- That's right. Keep reading and you will find more information pertaining to Hot Dogs. Immediately under this paragraph are additional facts you may find useful:

  1. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, hot dogs are made from Specially Selected Meat Trimmings of Beef and/or Pork, mostly from muscle.

  2. Highly processed fake vegan hot dogs are a lot less environmentally harmful than highly processed meat.

  3. Skinless hot dogs are best saved for infants and the toothless.

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