Savvy Home Owners Are Using Pleated AC Filters in Their Air Conditioning Equipment

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  • Published December 4, 2010
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Pleated filters are one of the more common types of filters used in air conditioning and heating systems today. Not only are they used in heating and air conditioning equipment but they can be found in many other applications like oil filters in our automobiles, water filters in our homes and process filtration just to mention a few.

Pleated air conditioner filters are usually made with a cardboard frame which is bonded together with glue. This kind of construction is more than adequate for normal applications where these filters would be used.

When shopping for pleated air conditioner filters you should look for one with a high MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the MERV rating the more efficient the filter will be at removing dust and contaminants from the air.

Pleated filters are available in a range of thicknesses from 1 to 6 inches and can be ordered to fit any application. They are also the top choice among home owners. Over 40 percent of home owners choose pleated air filters in their heating and air conditioning equipment. Pleated air filters are even more popular commercially. They are the filter of choice by more than 75 percent of air conditioning contractors.

Pleated air filters are also often used as pre-filters in locations where bag filters are used. These are situations where either very clean air is required or where the air is very contaminated and the pleated filter removes the larger particles from the air before the more efficient bag filter removes the smaller particles. When pleated air filters are used they are usually of the less efficient type with MERV rating of 5 to 7.

Pleated air conditioner filters are so popular in fact that you can even get activated carbon filters which utilize the pleated design. These filters are used in applications where odors are a concern. Activated carbon is very porous and traps odor molecules.

The typical pleated air filter is made of synthetic media or other fabrics that will withstand the forces of air passing through them. Some are made with material that will not stand up to the force of air flowing through them so they have wire mesh used as backing to give them extra strength.

A pleated air filter is a good choice for the average home owner and they are a major improvement over throw away filters. Although pleated filters are very popular, they are not all of the same quality. The less inefficient varieties are not much better than a fiberglass throw away filter but the most efficient varieties are well over 90 percent efficient at removing contaminants from the air.

Keep your heat pump or air conditioner working at peak efficiency by selecting a good quality air filter. There are many things to consider when making your selection. Visit us to learn more about Pleated air conditioner and furnace filters

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